What to expect when detoxifying

Most people feel no side effects during the detoxification process.  Some people, however, may feel tired, unfocused or have headaches; this is generally a response to mercury being mobilized from deep in the tissues and pulled into the bloodstream before being eliminated in the urine. These are short-term effects that will improve as you detoxify.It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you are not constipated while you are detoxifying.  The purpose of the program is to mobilize the trapped mercury so it can be eliminated.  If you’re constipated, the mercury is being released but it has nowhere to go.  It’s essential that you drink lots of water to flush the kidneys and liver, and include ample fiber in your diet to move your bowels daily. The liver, kidneys and bowel are your body’s natural filter and elimination organs, and toxins can easily be trapped if these vital systems are clogged.  Before you begin the MercOut program–or ANY detoxification program–be sure your bowels are moving freely.Infrequently during the MercOut Program, people have a slight rash that may or may not itch, swollen lips and/or a tender tongue, and mild nausea.  These side effects of detoxification are reversible and are not permanent.  If you experience these reactions, we recommend that you stop the detoxification program for one week and then restart.  If the reactions return or continue, please discontinue the program and contact the Dr. Kondrot’s office 800-430-9328 or [email protected]

There is no known adverse interaction between any ingredient in the MercOut formula and any prescription medication you may be taking.

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