Cataracts are the result of aging in the eye fast-tracked by toxic stress, dehydration and heavy metal poisoning. Tests show that there are high concentrations of heavy metals in the lens of the eyes. In fact, it is often three times higher in eyes with eye disease from cataracts. These heavy metals include bromide, cobalt, cadmium (from cigarette smoking) and nickel and lead.

A cataract is like a red warning light. When a red warning light comes on, you don’t unplug or turn it off. You want to find out what is wrong. If you are developing a cataract you need to determine the underlying cause, correct it and take some essential steps to reverse the cataract.

The three most important steps you can take to reduce the growth and reverse eye disease from cataracts are:

1. Change your diet to organic living foods, and avoid all preservatives, GMO foods and corn fructose.
2. Maintain proper hydration. Cataracts are dehydrated lens protein and proper hydration is the best way to reduce your toxic load.
3. Be tested for heavy metal poisoning and if heavy metals are present have them treated. If you have elevated heavy metals you need to undergo chelation therapy.

Natural Treatment Methods for Eye Disease from Cataracts

The traditional treatment is to remove the cataract without looking at the underlying cause. A plastic lens is inserted to take the place of the natural human lens. It could be a potential problem to put a plastic device inside your eye.
Although rare, there are complications like infection, loss of vision, corneal swelling, glaucoma and an increase incidence of macular degeneration.

In some situations, a patient should have cataract surgery when it advances to the point where it’s severely obstructing your vision. In most cases, when the cataract is at an earlier stage, you should consider the alternative treatments.
Eye Drops: In terms of eye drops I have had success with a formula that uses DMSO, which is a solvent that has an extremely high rate of tissue permeability.
There is another eye drop called OcluMed, which also helps to reverse early cataracts.

Chelation Therapy: Chelation can be done either orally, by taking the chelating agents found in food, oral agents in pill form or through IV injection of the chelating agents. It can also be done topically through the use of creams that contain chelating agents.

Microcurrent: Microcurrent can be useful in reducing eye disease from cataracts and improving visual function. The mechanism of microcurrent is to improve blood flow, increase cellular function, detoxify the eye and reduce scar tissue.
Light Therapy: Light has an effect on the atomic, cellular, hormonal and autonomic nervous system. It has the ability to penetrate all the levels of the eye into the human lens to have a therapeutic effect.

Homeopathy: Homeopathy is scientific method of therapy based on the principle of stimulating the body’s own healing processes in order to accomplish cure. This means that each person is given a remedy that will stimulate their particular body to heal.

If you would like a second opinion regarding the treatment of eye disease from cataracts or are interested in learning more about homeopathic or alternative treatments, visit our website today at then seek a referral from your physician.

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