Just like other human organs eyes too with time tend to lose their operating power, which is their ability to view things accurately. With aging, it also gives rise to several eye-related diseases such as cataract, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and many more.

However, eye strain is a condition which is not so dangerous as it can be cured readily by changing one’s lifestyle. Eye strain is a common problem today, and the causes behind it are copious too. Some of the primary reasons for you suffering from eye strain are:

  • Incorrect Vision Prescription

  • Reading in Low Light for a long time

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Staring at digital devices

  • Watching Screen (computer, television) for long hours

  • Allergies

  • Exposure to bright light and many more.

Eye-straining is common now as the many people experience it. This condition is liable for day-long headaches and irritation. Such pains are quite painful as they are constant and also hinder in most of our daily work. Eye strains can be dealt with simple tweak ways, in fact, you can even improve your eyesight and mood by following these immediate steps.

1. Develop A Habit Of Breaks

Develop A Habit Of BreaksSituations such as working in front of a computer for hours, watching movies on the screen, playing games, reading a book and many more are examples of the time when you strain your eyes. Most of these situations involve the constant and steady concentration of your eyes on a single source. Such extensive focusing without any break becomes the basis for burning eyes.

Therefore, taking regular breaks while involved in such situations can allow your eyes to relax and calm their muscles. Also, catching rest and blinking them will help in lubricating the eyes too.

2. Set Your Screen Perfectly

Set Your Screen Perfectly

Most of the time when we work on computer screens or watch television for long hours our angle of visualizing consists of vital importance. Optimally the screen should be 15-20 degrees (4-5 inches) below eye level and 20-28 inches away from the eyes.

3. Updated Spectacle Prescription

Updated Spectacle Prescription

If you are already prescribed with spectacles for either of farsightedness or nearsightedness, you must ensure you get your eyes checked up on a regular basis. The regularity may vary on a monthly or quarterly basis. It is essential because if your eyes have generated even a small correction, then wearing spectacles of old power will start harming your eyes leading to eye straining and headache.

Always remember, even a small amount of correction can make a big difference.

4. Utilizing Blue Light Blockers (lenses/filters)

Utilizing Blue Light Blockers (lenses/filters)Screen emits lights, this blue light emitted by monitors can cause eyestrain and even disrupt circadian rhythm. If you cannot skip watching movies, playing games, or working on computer screens, you can at least install some filters in the device to restrict the blue light of the screen from entering your eyes continually.

Also, you can work on night mode in the computer, or mobile devices to avoid the blue light from the electronic devices.

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