Have you ever noticed debris or particles in the field of your eye sights? Well, these can be vitreous floaters, which are commonly known as eye floaters. Many people get confused about eye floaters, specks, cloudy vision or blurry vision. Even sometimes, patients ignore this eye condition as it does not cause any major discomfort or pain. Here are common questions answered about the eye floaters, causes, effects and benefits.

What Are Exactly The Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are some debris, speck, threads or cobweb-like images that seem like floating across your field of vision. Usually, they are harmless, but you may need immediate medical attention from your eye doctor if they become more plentiful all of a sudden.

In other words, floaters are tiny clusters of protein cells that are lodged in the vitreous humour. This is a stable, clear gel that can cover the two-third part of the eyeball. Eye floaters move along with the movement of your eyeball.

What Are The Causes Of Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are typically caused due to some age-related changes that happen in the vitreous body of your eyes. As you age the vitreous tarts shrinking and become a bit stringy, when the strand casts shadows on your retina, it occurs as eye floaters. it has been estimated that around one-quarter of people experience vitreous shrinkage by their age of 60 and around two-third of these people experience increased condition by their age of 80.

Who Are At The Risk?

The condition of eye floaters triggers in people who are near-sighted, diabetic or those who have any eye injury or had cataract surgery. As mentioned earlier, floaters are not a major condition but it can affect your ability to read, write or drive as it is too obstructing to your vision.

What Are The Natural Remedies For Reducing Eye Floaters?

Limiting Your Screen Time: Overusing your computer, laptop or smart phone can contribute to eye floaters. Thus, it is recommended to cut back on your screentime to reduce the symptoms of eye floaters.

Eye Massage And Exercises: You should give a warm massage to your eyes by generating heat through the palm. Also, regular eye exercises can help in reducing those stubborn floaters in your eyes.

Eating Nutrient-Rich Foods: Eating nutrient-rich foods is also come under the list of natural remedies to reduce eye floaters. you should eat foods like oranges, strawberries, nuts, seeds and green vegetables to get rid of this condition.

What Are The Common Treatments Currently Available For Eye Floaters?

Apart from eye drops available for eye floaters, availing homeopathic treatments is also effective to reduce the symptoms of eye floaters. As homeopathy is the holistic method, it does not cause any side effects. Also, in some cases, laser therapy or laser floater treatment based on Reflex technology is provided to patients, that show the results in just a few weeks.

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