We have an invisible enemy that is attacking our health and our eyesight constantly. If we could see this enemy, we would be shocked. We are living in an electromagnetic soup constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic waves. There’s something called an acoustic meter that picks up these electromagnetic frequencies. In every home, there is a background EMF. The EMF coming from every wire running a current, high EMF from our wifi, smart meters, and microwaves.  

We have an invisible enemy that is attacking our health and our eyesight

I recently purchased an EMF Acoustimeter to measure the level and nature of microwaves in the environment.Below 0.05 volts per meter (V/m), there are few reports on ill effects.
A level of 1 microwatt/ square meter is considered the maximum level safe inside a home
The background level in my home surprisingly was 0.50 (V/m) and 1 to 5 microwatts/square meter Next to my computer, the indicators jumped to 6.0 (V/m) and 250 to 500 microwatts/square meter. Not a safe level.

Next to my cell phone, the indicators jumped to 1.0 (V/m) and 100 microwatts/square meter. Not a safe level.


We have an invisible enemy that is attacking our health and our eyesight


We have an invisible enemy that is attacking our health and our eyesight

We are living in an electromagnetic soup being surrounded by microwave ovens, cell towers, cellphones, wifi routers, smart meters, power lines, electrical wiring, electrical appliances such as shavers, hairdryers, and electric blankets.

Everything will become worse in a few years with the introduction of 5G. 5G radio-frequency generates a much higher level of radiation that exists with our present wifi systems 

Before 2G, 3G, and 4G, radio frequencies were benign. We never worried whether or not our drive-time radio shows would fry our brains. Sadly, once the concept of wireless “G” technology was initiated, we began exposing the global public to frequencies akin to microwaves at 1 billion cycles per second.

Humans, animals, and the environment have all been at risk for years. While 4G was bad enough, 5G takes the game to a whole new level of insanity. 5 GHz wifi routers are more dangerous because they are twice the frequency with more intensity than the standard 2.45 GHz models. In the Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation world, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to us. 2.45 GHz is the same frequency your microwave oven uses to cook food. The amps used are different, but it is the same frequency. 

The World Health Organization has classified this RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogen “, meaning “cancer causing”. It can split DNA strands within cells; cause oxidative damage that can cause premature aging; disrupt cell metabolism; and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins

L. Lloyd Morgan, director of the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States: “There is every indication that cell phones cause brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, and eye cancer. 

Researchers reported Microwaves to cause anterior and posterior subcapsular lenticular opacities in experimental animals. in epidemiologic studies and case reports, it can cause cataracts in human subjects.

Epidemiological studies of people living close to cell tower antennas document widespread complaints about eye and vision abnormalities

I am seeing more and patients in my practice that their vision problems might be linked to high levels of exposure to EMF, Either computers, TV, cellular phones, wi-fi, and smart meters.

3 Steps you need to take to reduce the ill effects of harmful EMF

  1. Avoidance. Reduce your EMF exposure
  2. Grounding or Earthing. Suggest reading https://www.drsinatra.com/boost-heart-health-through-grounding
  3. Homeopathic treatment will help reduce the harmful effects of EMF
  4. Anti-oxidants 

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