Summers can be fun! You may find more opportunities for physical activities, get fresh air, enjoy extra fresh veggies & fruits and have good vibes around. But do you know that you need to take extra care of your eyes during summers?

Your eyes are more likely to develop eye diseases due to UV exposure and other factors that you may not aware of. The chemical used in pools, debris from the garden and exposure of eyes under the sun can harm your precious eyes. But considering some essential eye care tips, you can protector’s eyes and enjoy summers.

Here Are 7 Essential Eyecare Tips During Summers:

  • Wear Sunglasses:Whenever you go outside under the sun, don’t forget to wear UV stabilized sunglasses. Some people think that sunglasses that offer 100 % UV protection are costly but that is not true. You can get a pair of sunglasses from any reputed store at an affordable price and protect your eyes from UV exposure.
  • Wear a Sun Hat: While sunglasses offer great protection to your eyes, you can also wear a sun hat to have extra protection while gong under the sun. It will provide complete protection to your eyes and eyelids from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Safety Against Chemicals:If you love swimming then have cautions while swimming in summers. There are some chemicals used in pools, that can harm your eyes. You may suffer some certain ocular conditions such as red eyes, itchy eyes, irritation and swelling eyes. Thus, it is important to wear protective goggles while swimming to avoid exposure to toxin chemicals.
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can limit your eyes to produce tears, that may lead to cause dry eye syndrome and related eye problems. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water especially in summers and ensure normal eye function.
  • Avoid Mid-Day Sun: The UV sun rays are at the peak during the mid-day, especially in summers.  Thus, whenever possible, try to stay inside your home or office during the later mornings or afternoons.
  • Avoid Excessive Use Of AC: Spending too much time around the AC can dry your eyes. Thus, whenever you are at home, don’t use AC for long hours or use eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated.
  • Wash Your Hands: You should wash your eyes properly before you apply any kind of treatment to your eyes to avoid any allergic reactions.

Apart from this, you should take adequate sleep to keep your eyes feel refreshed. Also, if you notice any discomfort, light sensitivity, pain, red eyes or irritation, visit your eye doctor to avoid getting any serious eye condition.

You can even opt for homeopathy to get rid of the above-mentioned eye conditions. Thus, enjoy this summer to the fullest by considering these 7 essential eye care tips while improving your vision.

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