Commonly, people start developing vision problems between their mid 40’s and early 50’s. It’s not about only during working and reading on computers, but people complain about blurred vision and teary eyes even when they read newspapers. Poor eyesight at close distances is one of the most common concerns reported at any eye health care centre every year. However, the problem is not that serious, it can be improved by adopting certain habits.

Here are 7 tips for improving your eyesight:

Focus On Healthy-Eating: 

Make sure of eating nutrients and vitamin-rich food. Vitamin A is one of the most essential nutrients for better vision, you should include foods such as  pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, dark & leafy veggies and eggs to your diet as they are rich in vitamin A. Fish is also beneficial for your vision, including it in your diet strengthens your cell membranes and maintain your vision.

Do Some Eye Exercises:

Eye exercises are very helpful if done regularly in the morning and before going to bed. You can ask your doctor to suggest some eye exercises that provide relaxation to your eye muscles.  Practicing eye exercises daily will make you notice a difference even in a few weeks.

Take Your Eyes Off The Screen:

If your job demands sitting & working in front of the computer or laptop for long hours, you should take care of your eyes. You can take your eyes off the screen for some time or take multiple breaks at work to protect your eyes from fatigue and overexertion.

Get Enough Sleep:

Taking a sleep of 8 hours at night is important to maintain overall health, especially your eye health. If you engage in activities such as reading, working on a computer or watching videos on YouTube, taking a short nap will give your eyes a chance to rest.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking can cause potential damage to your optic nerves that harm your vision. It is not about reducing the time you smoke, but you must completely stop smoking to ensure your vision.

Wear Sunglasses:  

Too much exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun can cause issues like muscular degeneration and cataracts. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses that block 99%  of UVA and UVB rays of the sun will protect your eyes from such issues.

Regular Eye Exams:

Sometimes, people ignore visiting their eye specialists that increase their vision problem. Regular eye exams are necessary to ensure optimal eye health while getting a timely diagnosis of the problems. An eye doctor can detect the problem early and provide prescriptions to avoid further damages to your eyes.

If you are also in the mid 40’s or early 50’s, it is the time to give special care to your vision. Following these 7 tips will not only improve your eyesight but will enhance your overall health.

So, just maintain good eyesight and continue admiring your beautiful life.

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