The term “Bloodshot” is commonly used to describe red eyes. It is not the most common eye condition. In this condition, the blood vessels near the surface of your eye become dilated and enlarged. Irritants such as dust, dry air, viral or bacterial infections, allergic reactions and coughing, can cause your eyes to feel irritated and inflamed. Eyestrain can also be the major reason you may have bloodshot eyes. However, the condition may look quite serious but it is usually painless.

Here are the 9 reasons you may have bloodshot eyes:

1. Pink Eye: Pink eye is one of the common reasons you may have bloodshot eyes. It is an infection or inflammation on the protective layer that covers the front part of your eye. It is a very common condition that can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies or toxic substances.

2. Dry Eye Syndrome: The common reason for bloodshot eyes can also be dry eye syndrome. In this eye condition, there are not enough tears produced to keep your eyes lubricated. It occurs when you work on the computer screen for long hours or wear contact lenses for an extended period.

3. Uveitis:Uveitis is an irritation of the eye’s uvea, which can cause pain, redness, floaters, blurry vision and light sensitivity. It is crucial to opt for immediate medical care as it can lead to major issues such as uveitic glaucoma and even choroidal scarring.

4. Wearing Contact Lenses: You may have red or bloodshot eyes if you wear contact lenses for long hours or fall asleep without removing them. Thus, whenever you feel any discomfort or pain while wearing the contact lens, you should stop wearing them.

5. Corneal Ulcer: If the cornea of your eyes becomes infected, your blood vessels become swollen or enlarged. It is important to opt for suitable treatment from your eye doctor as it can cause potential vision loss.

6. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, your body experiences several hormonal changes. These hormonal changes also involve the production of fewer tears, which makes your eyes feel gritty & irritated and may appear red.

7. Swimming: Many people experience red eyes when they swim in a pool. a Chronine used in pools can irritate your eyes and make them appear red. wearing swim goggles can be the best option to avoid red and bloodshot eyes.

8. Lack of Sleep: Losing sleep often tends to increase blood retention around the eyes, and make them look red and puffy. Thus, it is important to get enough sleep at night to avoid getting bloodshot eyes.

9. Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol can cause eye redness. As it can cause vasodilation, the white part in your eyes becomes more visible which causes your eyes to appear as tired and red.


A bloodshot eye can appear completely red or have simply a few red blood vessels that are easily noticeable. It is recommended to not to overlook the condition and visit your eye doctor to get an appropriate treatment.

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