I will begin a 2 year course of studies  in Paris France with Dr. Christian Agrapart, who physician and neuro-psychiatrist and President and founder of UN recognized CEREC (European Center for Research on Energetic Medicine and Colour), an international institute dedicated to teaching and clinical and academic research. I will be traveling every other month for a weekend for the next two years to become certified in the techniques Dr. Agrapart. We will be collaborating on new methods to treat chronic eye disease.

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Dr. Agrapart has taught in the Faculty of Medecine Bobigny (France), as well as in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. He is a founding member of the Franco-Chinese Acupuncture Symposium, as well as having served as vice-president and teacher at the Paris College of Acupuncture.
Dr. Agrapart created the Chromatotherapy light healing modality on which numerous books and articles have been published, including:
La Chromatothérapie et ses applications, Interligne 1986 (out of print) (Agrapart C.)
Le guide thérapeutique des couleurs, Dangles 1989 (Agrapart C. & Delmas M.)
La Chromatothérapie du point d’acupuncture, CEREC 1998 (Agrapart C.)
Oligoéléments et couleurs, Sully 2000 (out of print) (Agrapart C.)
Se soigner par les couleurs, Sully 2008 (Agrapart C.)
Quand la couleur Guérit (Psychologie et Chromatothérapie®), Guy Trédaniel 2010 (Delma M.)
Chromatotherapy, the therapy of the future
The coloured rays of light used in Chromatotherapy are defined by precise wavelengths and provide information that is interpreted in the same way by all living organisms (human, animal or plant). The organism adapts itself and responds consistently to each colour in the same manner. The consistency of these responses allows for a precise medical use and also research in various university laboratories. As an energy therapy, Chromatotherapy is particularly effective on ailments arising from surrounding energies such as burns, trauma, and conditions related to cold.
This therapy can be used by projecting coloured light rays at eye level or on the various acupuncture points for complex, degenerative or autoimmune diseases.
This colour based therapy is highly effective, and has been used successfully in France for more than 30 years. It could be a good alternative when modern medicine is sometimes unable to help.

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