Can Dance lower your eye pressure?

Peter Abilogu a professor of African Dance who recently completed our 3 day restore your vision program. He has a 20 year history of glaucoma and in the last couple of years has lost a lot of vision. He has a keen interest in alternative treatments particular dance. The Africans believe that dancing with bare feet one becomes connected to the healing energy of the earth and dance movements along with music produce vibrations to heal the body.

Peter underwent our standard treatments of Microcurrent, Syntonic light therapy and homeopathy. After 2 days of treatment his pressures were reduced from 23 to 17. Because of the extensive damage to his optic nerve ( He was seeing only the big E in his right eye and could barely see light in his left eye) I felt his pressure needed to be lower than 17. Peter and I decided to do an experiment to see if African dance could lower the pressure. This is where the fun begins!

See Peter Dancing.. including Dr . Kondrot joining in the African Dance!Peter Abilogu’s Testimonial

After dancing for one hour his pressures were now 13 in both eyes. Peter told me his pressures were never that low. We checked his vision and he was seeing 5 lines better on the eye chart! In addition his visual field expanded!

Improvement of Visual fields after 3 days

Can Dance lower your eye pressure?Can Dance lower your eye pressure?
Visual fields before treatment- no perception of blueVisual fields after 3 days- expansion of field and now blue perception!



At the end of the interview Peter said, “I need to go to the bathroom”. His wife said, “Do I need to help you?” Peter said, “NO” and he proudly went to the bathroom alone for the first time in many years using his new vision.

There have been several articles on the pressure lowering effect after exercise. I believe that dance especially when the dancer is grounded to the earth might have a greater pressure lowering affect. Dr. Steven Sinatra feels that Earthing (grounding) may be the most important health discovery in his last 30 years of practice. Simply put, Earthing reconnects the human body with the energy naturally present in the ground we walk on.
Read more about Earthing

The effect of exercise on intraocular pressure by Daniel Marcus. A statistically significant decrease was found in pressure during jogging. The decrease was measured to be 2 to 5 point drop in pressure 30 minutes after exercise.

Aerobic exercise and intraocular pressure in normotensive and glaucoma patients by Konstantinos Natsis. In normal eyes of sedentary subjects who engage in moderate to heavy exercise for 3 months, a consistent decrease in pressure occurs (on the order of 12 points). As for glaucoma patients, regardless of the antiglaucoma medication instilled, they still benefited from the aerobic exercise since they all had a post-exercise reduction of pressure. Short-term studies show it may improve blood flow to the retina and optic nerve as well.

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