Binocular Vision Dysfunction- a major epidemic!

Since I have been working as an alternative eye doctor helping people to improve their eyesight, one thing I have observed is that vision function is more than acuity.  I often see patients who are improving their acuity (the ability to read smaller and smaller letters on the eye chart) but they still have trouble functioning. They complain of difficulty reading, seeing signs and trouble with other visual tasks.  Vision is more than acuity, but is the ability of the eyes to function together to transmit information to the brain for processing.  A big part of our practice is to identify vision dysfunction problems and begin treatment to improve functioning vision. Recently, I examined a patient who has been receiving microcurrent for macular degeneration. One eye improved dramatically but the other had very little change. On my examination the changes in the retina were very similar so the problem was a dysfunction between each eye.  This illustrates a common undiagnosed condition called amblyopia. This is a reduction in vision not do with pathology but related to a lazy eye that has lost its visual function. If you break your arm and it is casted for several weeks, after the cast is removed, the arm will not function unless an exercise program is developed. Likewise, with the eyes, lack of use leads to dysfunction and vision therapy is the answer to improve functioning vision.

According to Dominick M. Maino, OD  we now have  9.3 million cases of amblopia, 18 million individuals with strabismus (eyes which do no align properly).  Most of these cases are undiagnosed and untreated! This is an epidemic that is adversely affected our society. To read more about The Binocular Vision Dysfunction Pandemic
One of the best initial methods I have found to treat cases of binocular vision dysfunction is with the Eyeport. This is a portable vision training device that helps with tracking and improving binocular function

There is now a powerful new biofeedback mechanism call MP-1 biofeedback. A recent study published in Applied Psychological Biofeedback has shown it can improve acuity, reading ability and fixation in patients with macular degeneration!! Results were measured after ten treatments of 10 minutes each!

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