Oxidative Therapies in the Treatment of Macular Degneration

What is ozone? Have you ever noticed the clean smell in the air after a lightning storm? You are smelling ozone gas that has reacted with the atmosphere. This gas has a purifying and stimulating effect. The Oxygen molecule is is composed of of two atoms of oxygen. When oxygen is charged and acquires more energy it attacts another atom of oxygen and forms a 3 molecule structure called Ozone. It is like supercharged oxygen. This therapy is put into the class of therapies called oxidative therapies.

Accepted methods of oxidative therapies are ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light. They all produce a chareged molecule of oxygen and have a similar reaction in the body. This charged molecule acts as a catalyst to stimulate healing. Oxygen is good, ozone is much better! Ozone therapy has been found to be very effective in the treatment of both bacteria and viral infections. I feel this is one of the most effect ways to treat the symptoms of the flu in a very safe and effective manner. The last time I developed symptoms of the flu all my symptoms disappeared after two oxidative treatments. It stopped the virus cold in its track!

We are routinely using oxidative therapies during the 3 day program. Each patient will receive a minimum of 2 oxidative IV therapies. Since beginning this therapy I have observed an increase in the over all visual improvement in patients attending the 3 day program
Info on 3 day program

Professor Velio Bocci author of the text book “Ozone therapy” states that Ozone therapy is based on exposing patient’s blood to precise concentrations of ozone. Some 95-98 % of oxygen is always present but the real drug remains ozone which is a highly reactive form of oxygen. Dr Bocci researched over the last 10 years has established comprehensive framework for understanding the use of ozone therapy in the treatment of select diseases. See his research article

The following are reports of ozone benefiting macular degeneration from European Studies.
In UK there are about 200,000 patients with the atrophic dry macular degeneration the ophthalmologists can only prescribe antioxidants and zinc that do not harm but are ineffective. During the last 8 years, in Siena (Italy), we have treated hundreds of patients achieving a significant improvement in about 70 % of the cases. Usually 15 treatments (twice weekly) followed by a maintenance therapy can allow sufficient vision acuity for many years. Otherwise the disease can progress to the exudative form that becomes un-tractable. epithelium as consequence of several derangements, one of which is ischemia and a chronic hypoxia of precious retinal cells. The main advantage is due to an increased delivery of oxygen to the retina, which is the tissue with the highest consumption of oxygen,

Effects of oxygen-ozone therapy on age-related degenerative retinal maculopathy by Riva Sanseverino E.
The results have indicated that the majority of patients showed an improvement of their ocular condition, suggesting continuation of this type of investigation on a larger group of people.

Ozone therapy in senile macular degeneration by Dr G. Soto
A retrospective study was performed in 22 patients assisted at the Ophthalmologic Service of the Medical Surgical Research Center (CIMEQ). The results demonstrated an improvement (with an average of 2 tenths-visions) of their visual acuity in 80 % of the patients treated with ozone. Ozone therapy could be a good therapeutic choice for patients suffering of SMD of dry type.

Although there have been no formal studies looking at the effects of ozone in the treatment of glaucoma I have observed that ozone therapy can stimulate the function of the optic nerve, stimulating healing and improving vision.

Several well known alternative doctors including Dr Robert Rowen and Dr. Frank Shallenberger feel that ozone therapy should be considered a front line attack in helping patients with macular degeneration. Typically we will do 2 oxidative treatments during our 3 day program but most authorities suggest between 20 and 40 treatments to achieve maximum effect. Read Dr. Rowen’s Article

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