The Benefits of Using a Systemically Oriented Ophthalmologist

To poets, the eyes—whether round, beady, deep-set or doe-eyed—have long been known as the windows to the soul. An ophthalmologist, who is less likely to wax poetic, would describe the eyes as the windows to our health. Systemic disorders, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress as well as nutritional deficiencies are easily seen under the scrutiny of a holistic ophthalmologist’s biomicroscope.

Individuals who visit a systemically-oriented ophthalmologist will discover that not only do they receive an assessment of the eyes, but also feedback about the signs of their emotional conflicts, muscular skeletal problems, root canals, toxic infections and other health issues, that appear in their eyes.

Unfortunately, this connection between overall health and eye health is rarely addressed during mainstream eye exams. The majority of doctors, who treat eye disease and prescribe eye glasses are merely following their training, which is biased toward the standard treatment of prescription glasses and surgery. Without a background in nutrition and non-conventional approaches to treating eye problems, conventional optometrists and ophthalmologists treat the eyes as isolated parts of the body.

A systemically oriented board certified ophthalmologist, trained in regenerative nutrition, maintains that our overall state of health has much to do with the state of our vision and that the use of multi-modal protocols, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, homeopathy, detoxification, supplementation, low level micro-current to stimulate cellular activity, palming (using the hands over closed eyes) and other alternative methods can be used to reverse visual loss.

Resource: Dr. Edward C. Kendrot, MD, MD(H), CCH, DHt,Healing the Eye and Wellness Center, 2666 Swamp Cabbage Court, Fort Myers. 352-588-0477 or 800-430-9328.

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