August 2007

I was thrilled to begin a forum on  The topic under discussion is can the optic nerve be regenerated in glaucoma?  The July 14th  Pitttsburgh Seminar was very successful and you can view 3 video clips from the seminar!  The next seminar will be August 18, 2007 in Bozeman, MT.  Dr. Robert Rowen and I are leaving for our annual backpacking trip this year it will be to climb Mt. Whitney!

To your good health and clear vision,
Dr. Edward Kondrot

Dr Kondrot has been invited to participate on  This is a community site to help you develop your best vision with fit eyes. Fit eyes are resistant to the degenerative diseases of old age. Fit eyes are less prone to middle-aged loss of ability to focus clearly. And fit eyes are for the young and active who want to perform at their best. Please join Dr. Kondrot’s discussion on homeopathic ophthalmology  in the treatment of eye disease. The topic under discussion is can the optic nerve be regenerated in glaucoma?

The July 14th Pittsburgh Healing the Eye Seminar was very successful.  View
3 video clips from the seminar!

1. Dr. Kondrot gives an introduction to his methods and philosophies on the treatment of serious eye diseases. August 2007

2. Dr. Anne Marie Fine presents the basics of detoxifying your body for good health. Click here August 2007

3. Dr. Kondrot explains how microcurrent can help improve vision in chronic eye.Click Here August 2007

 CDs and DVD’s of the complete seminar are now available.Click Here

The next seminar and 3 day treatment program will be in Bozeman, MT.  August 18, 20, 21,22, 2007  Click here.

Hike to Mt. Whitney. Every year Dr. Robert Rowen,who editor of the 2nd Opinion Newsletter , and I go on a backpacking adventure. Our previous trips have been to Havasau Falls in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. This month we will attempt to climb Mt. Whitney in California. It is the highest peak in the lower 48 states (14,700 ft) This trip will be especially challenging because of the high altitudes. I look forward to sharing this adventure in the next newsletter!

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Dr. Kondrot gives an introduction to his methods
and philosophies on the treatment of serious eye diseases.

      Dr. Anne Marie Fine presents the basics of detoxifying your body for
      good health

Dr. Kondrot explains how microcurrent can help improve
vision in chronic eye diseases including macular degeneration

You can order the entire one day seminar which includes the following topics:

  • Good Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Homeopathy
  • Microcurrent
  • Chelation therapy
  • Exercises for your eyes
  • Intravenous lipids and other therapies
  • New treatments for macular degeneration
  • New treatments for glaucoma
  • New treatments for cataracts
  • Questions and answers

The price of the CD’s and DVD’s includes an 88 page workbook.

The following are a few testimonials from the seminar.

The seminar was refreshing. Dr. Kondrot has picked me up my spirits and has motivated me to begin doing alternative therapy. T. M.  Covington, KY

The seminar was enlightening. I enjoyed getting more information about macular degeneration and steps I can take to improve my vision. I enjoyed all the speakers. BS  Boca Raton, FL

I enjoyed the seminar very much. I could feel Dr Kondrot’s passion. He is looking at eye disease in a much different way. B. M  Pittsburgh

She likes the way the information was presented in simple terms. Dr. Kondrot explained eye diseases and treatments very well.  He explained things in a positive way. Need more of them. RC  Munhall, PA

It was the first seminar like this I every attended. Everything interested me. By no means will you fall asleep at this seminar! GP  Latrobe, PA


5 audio only CD’s only   $49.95

5 DVD’s audio and video $129.00

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