February 2009

Dr Kondrots messageWelcome to our Feb 2009 Newsletter. I was asked to participate in the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Biological Dentistry at the Meet the Author Night.  Our educational  seminar series has been very successful and my 10 essentials to improve eyesight has generated interest in patients who are suffering from eye problems. Read about the greatest health threat in our society! Dr. O is contributing timely articles to help you improve your health
To your good health and clear vision,
Dr. Edward Kondrot

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Please go to https://healingtheeye.com/seminars.html or call 800-430-9328 for a list of future dates and locations. Dr. Kondrot plans to be in the follow cities: Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago. We are  also planning to be in Australia lecturing in 3 major cities. I plan to post the “10 Essentials to Improve your Vision” Seminar in the next Newsletter. It will also be available on DVD.

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70/30 Diet
The longer I practice medicine and work with patients with chronic disease the more I appreciate the importance of a healthy diet. Without the essential nutritional elements in our body disease will develop and treating existing problems will be more difficult. This is a reason why we recommend our 70/30 diet.  The Healing the Eye 70/30 Diet.
GMO Foods
Everyone understands the danger of heavy metals, toxins and pesticides in our diet. There is much greater danger in our foods and one that is troubling more and more scientists. One of the biggest threats to our health is genetically modified food or GMO. It is estimated that over 80% of all corn and over 90% of soybean products are now GMO products.  Why is this a problem?  MON863, approved and on the market, caused serious damage to the liver and kidneys of rats which consumed it during feeding trials. In a recent Russian study, the three-week mortality rate of offspring fed GMO-soy was 50%! Does that get your attention?  You must avoid GMO food!
The research by Dr. Pusztai and Dr. Ewen involved feeding rats on potatoes that had been genetically modified to produce the snowdrop protein (lectin). In their Lancet Research Letter, they say they found cell damage in the rats’ stomachs, and in parts of their intestines. Other rats were fed potatoes simply spiked with the lectin and because these animals did not suffer the same ill-effects, the two Aberdeen researchers believe the GM device used to carry the new gene into the potatoes may be the source of the problem.
An editorial form the July 1999 Lancet medical journal
“The issue of genetically modified foods has been badly mishandled by everyone involved. Governments should never have allowed these products into the food chain without insisting on rigorous testing for effects on health. The companies should have paid greater attention to the possible risks to health and of the public’s perception of this risk; they are now paying the price of this neglect. And scientists involved in research into the risks of genetically modified foods should have published the results in the scientific press, not through the popular media; their colleagues, meanwhile, should also have avoided passing judgments on the issue without the full facts before them. ” For more information readSeeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith or go to http://www.responsibletechnology.org
The importance of proper water intake
by Oddveig Myhre, NMD, MS
When our patients are coming to us, almost all of them are found to be severely dehydrated and they just don’t realize how important it is to drink enough water. Read More!

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