July 2008

July 2008

Each Summer Dr Robert Rowen and I do an adventure trip to test our physical fitness. This year we hiked the Grand Canyon. Rim to rim and then back again!  During this time I had 5 days to discuss  treatments that might help improve the vision of folks suffering from ARMD.  Oxidative therapy and a new way to do chelation  are two topics we discussed. Our new office is under construction with an expected completion date of Oct 10, 2008!!
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Adventure with Dr. Robert Rowen

July 2008Each Summer Dr Robert Rowen, who is the editor of the 2nd Opinion Newsletter, and I do an adventure trip to test our physical fitness. This year we hiked the Grand Canyon. Starting at the south rim to the north rim and then back to the south! A trip of over 48 miles, climbing over 2 miles and enduring temperature extremes from 55 to 120 degrees!! (To read more) or to(To see pictures)

A new way to do Chelation Therapy.

During my trip with Dr. Rowen into the Grand Canyon  I had 5 days to discuss with him new treatments to help improve the vision of folks suffering from ARMD. One of these treatments is a new way to do chelation therapy.  Chelation therapy can be time consuming and expensive. The average IV therapy takes 2 to 3 hours and costs around $100. Now there is a better way. I have always been a big advocate of chelation therapy to help detoxify the body, remove heavy  metals and to improve circulation. It is something that I recommend to all patients with macular degeneration especially if they have cardiovascular disease or have been exposed to heavy metals.  Detoxamin suppositories offer nearly the same benefits as IV chelation.  The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association published a study indicating that suppositories of EDTA chelation have a 36.3 % absorption in the body compared to 100% of IV therapy. JANA Article  One suppository 3 times a week appears to have the same level of therapy as one IV therapy.  Each suppository costs under $8 which is a considerable savings compared to the IV therapy.

Oxidative therapy

Another treatment I discussed and shared with  Dr. Rowen shared is  Oxidative Therapy. He has seen success in many of his patients with macular degeneration and  feels this treatment will be a nice adjunct to our program of microcurrent, nutrition, homeopathy and syntonic light therapy.  Oxidative therapy is a very simple, inexpensive therapy that has shown to effective in promoting oxygenation, vasodilation, enhancing body physiology and circulation.(Read More)

Update on New Office!

July 2008Construction is underway at our new office and our expected move date is Oct. 10, 2008. In this new facility we are expanding our services to include vision therapy, chelation and oxidative therapy. My findings have shown that these treatments can help your overall health and improve your vision. Our new building will also include an educational facility to educate patients and train doctors on alternative methods in the treatment of eye disease.
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