May 2008

May 2008I am pleased to announce that I am now a fellow of the College of Syntonics. It is a distinct honor since I am the first MD Ophthalmologist to become a member in this Optometric organization. This isuse we will discuss valuable tools to evaluate your functioning vision. Your vision is more than just reading letters on the eye chart… but how you function in your life.
To your good health and clear vision,
Dr. Edward Kondrot
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Welcome the new Fellows of the College of Syntonics!

May 2008I am pleased to announce that I am now a fellow of the College of Syntonics. I have been a member of the College for the past 5 years and decided to submit cases and take the examination to qualify for this level of membership. It is a distinct honor since I am the first MD Ophthalmologist to become a member in this Optometric organization. From left to right Edward Kondrot, AZ, Roger Fitch, IL and Josef Thiel, Germany

The College of Syntonics is a 75 year old organization that has studied the effects of light on the visual, neurological, and endocrine system. Light therapy has been an integral part of program to help improve vision.
Valuable tools to determine functioning vision. 
Your level of functioning vision is the most important aspect of your eyesight. Many patients relate to me that they can read letters on the eye chart but are still having trouble reading, seeing signs, driving at night etc. They also suffer from headaches and eyestrain. What is wrong with the visual system when you can see the letters on the eye chart but are unable to convert this acuity into functioning vision? Let’s look at two diagnostic steps that can help us understand why this limitation occurs.
Functional visual fields

May 2008There are methods of evaluating the visual filed or peripheral vision. The first is static visual fields. A light of varying intensity is briefly flashed in the peripheral fields. No movement of the object is made just a flash of light. When you see the light, you respond by pushing a button. After responding to many test stimuli, a map is made of your peripheral fields. Most eye doctors test peripheral vision using this method. The problem with this test is does not measure our functioning visual field. Our visual system was designed to recognize motion.

Recognizing a moving target more closely mirrors our functioning visual system. Our visual system was developed out of the need for protection and for hunting and gathering. We recognize a movement in the periphery and then we respond accordingly.
The second and more accurate test of functioning vision is the kinetic or functional visual fields. Objects of white, green, red, and blue are moved from the periphery toward the center. The field is measured once the perception of color is made. Many patients who have normal acuity and normal static visual fields will have a marked constriction of their functional or kinetic colored fields. This translates into major functional problems with reading, recognizing objects seeing signs etc. The functional fields can also reveal imbalances in the autonomic nervous system and neuroendocrine systems. Abnormalities in the red field are related to chronic problems such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerotic vascular disease of the retina and the optic nerve. Abnormalities of green relate to more focal acute problems such a localized infection in the body. Blue is found to be linked to abnormalities of the mental and emotional states. After this important diagnostic test, we are able to prescribe therapies to correct the constricted visual field any color abnormally. This test has become an important part of our evaluation and treatment of all of our patients
The second functional test is the VOSTAR.

May 2008This test measures how your eyes coordinate with each other and your perception of space. An example of a coordination problem might be that one eye has a tendency to deviate inward. This could result in eye strain or double vision when you are fatigued. The idea of perception of space is something new to me but it has become very valuable in evaluating and treating patients. A patient’s visual field might be normal and the acuity level very good but if the perception in space is deviated then functional vision will be limited. I have observed that many macular degeneration patients have their visual space pulled inward.

This inward pulling results in a decrease in peripheral vision. This can be a problem especially when a macular degeneration patient is loosing his central vision. This additional loss of peripheral vision can greatly limit the functioning ability. Once the peripheral vision is expanded, the quality of the functioning vision greatly improves.
Microcurrent Seminar was a great success!
I just completed a 2 day introductory training program for eye doctors in Phoenix. “Microcurrent in the Treatment of Eye Diseases” Over 20 doctors attended from all over the world. It was exciting for me to see that interest in Microcurrent in the treatment of eye diseases is expanding. There was a great exchange of information and during the seminar; we conducted controlled experiment on the delivery of microcurrent to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.
If your eye doctor is interested in alternative therapies a one day, work shop on Homeopathy is planned after the College of Vision Developments annual meeting in Palm Springs, CA on October 19, 2008. A one year certification course is beginning in 2009
Dr. Robert Rowen joins our 3 day restore vision program!

May 2008Dr. Robert Rowen, author of the widely read newsletter- 2nd Opinion, is now part of our 3 day program. Patients will have an opportunity to discuss their health issues with this world famous alternative doctor. If you are interested, we will schedule this telephone consultation during your 3 day program in Phoenix.

Dr. Rowen’s requires some basic laboratory data be sent to him before this consultation. He will give you helpful hints on how to improve your general health, which help our healing the eye programs to become much more effective. Please call the office for more information on this exciting addition to our 3 day program.
3 day restore vision program is coming to Pennsylvania!
One day seminar at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh Airport on June 10th is still available $50.00 per seat.
Now booking the September 2008 in Philadelphia.
Call 602 631 4504 for your reservations.

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