October 2011

ILA Quebec
Dr. Don Barneske, Ly Kondrot and Dr. Kondrot at the International Light Assoc. meeting in Montreal
Just returned from the International Light Assoc. Meeting with some exciting news! Dr. Bates was right about Sunning! Read about some amazing studies which support his teachings! We are having our next Webinar on Glaucoma Nov 10th. please join me especially if you have glaucoma! Coming to a City near You… next stop Houton, TX. Dr. Dorothy Merritt and Dr Seven Sinatra will be joining me on Healthy Vision! In case you haven’t tuned in.. please join me online every Sunday evening
To your good health and clear vision!
Dr. Kondrot
Are you one of the 99% of people who are not happy with your glaucoma treatment? Join our Webinar on Alternative Treatments for Glaucoma. November 10th at 5:00 PM PST. For more information click here!Dr William Bates was a controversial turn of the century Ophthalmologist who believed that all eye disease was caused by stress and disease could be cured by relaxing the eyes and using techniques like palming and sunning. Bates was right! Research Confirms Sunning is beneficial!Listen to Dr. Kondrot on KFNX! Next guests will be Dr. Dorothy Merrit and Dr. Seven Sinatra- all amazing doctors who are helping patients with serious eye problems!

The 5th Annual Microcurrent Case Conference was a great succes! Listen to the exciting highlights of the conference!

Coming to a City near You…Next Seminar Houston, TX on November 14, 2011. Call now to register. Limited seating 800-430-9328. Learn how you can save your eyesight without drugs or surgery!

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