September 2008

September 2008

The summer has been very busy with construction of the new office. In july I traveled to Italy to purchase some of the finest vision therapy equiptment that I feel will help many of you achieve your best functioning vision. The new office is begining to take shape and I want to share with you the latest in the construction. This is truly a dram of mine to have a facilty to brign to you the best in eye care!
To your good health and clear vision,
Dr. Edward Kondrot

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September 2008Dr .Karl Robinson joins the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center
The entire staff of the Healing the Eye Center welcomes Dr. Karl Robinson!  He is in my opinion one of the finest Homeopaths in the world.  The masters state that you must practice homeopathy for at least 10 years to begin to understand homeopathy.  Dr.  Robinson has been practicing homeopathy for close to 35 years and has studied extensively throughout the world.  I have always admired him for is never ending quest to learn and become a better homeopath.

I met Karl in 1989 at a homeopathic lecture in New York City. At that time I was investigating homeopathy and was not certain of its standards.  During the lecture I stuck up a conversation with a man next to me. It was Dr. Karl Robinson!  We discovered that we both attended the same medical school, Hahnemann University. Karl told me, “Ed you really need to study Homeopathy!” Oh really. “Yes there are remedies to treat eye hemorrhages, inflammation and much more” At the meeting he introduced to Bill Gray, MD an instructor at the Hahnemann Homeopathic College in Albany, California.  It was shortly later I began the 4 year program of study at Hahnemann College to obtain my homeopathic degree.
Dr. Robinson will be joining the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center and he will become a key part in  our 3 day program to help all of your  improve your vision. (Dr. Robinson’s Bio)

Restore Vision Foundation
I have established the Restore Vision Foundation a non- profit Arizona Corporation to help educate eye doctors and patients on alternative modalities in the treatment of eye disease.  The foundation awards fellowships to students for education and patients who are in the need of financial aid.  If you or someone you know might need the support of the foundation please contact our office. This year the  foundation has awarded a fellowship to an Optometric student to attend Dr. Sanet’s The How and Why of Vision Therapy Course.

More on Chelation. Oral, Rectal and IV.
Last week I had a very interesting dinner with two of the leading authorities on chelation therapy.  Dr. Garry Gordon and Dr. Bruce Shelton. Our conversation centered on the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of chelation therapy. I was surprised at the outcome of our discussions. I had always assumed that oral chelation was the most ineffective because of its low absorption (5 to 18%) compared to rectal (36%) and IV (100%).  But there is something else to consider!
A naturopathic once told disease is like a rain barrel. We are born with an empty rain barrel and as we live our life toxins accumulate in this barrel. Once it starts to overflow we develop disease. To any disease we must empty the rain barrel of toxins and prevent the introduction if toxins. This is why oral chelation can be so beneficial. The majority of the EDTA stays in the reservoir of the gut binding heavy metals from our foods preventing absorption of these toxins. The conclusion of our supper conversation was that oral chelation can be the best preventative measure.  Dr. Gary Gordon ordered fish and my comment to him was, “Dr. Gordon aren’t you worried about the mercury in this fish”.  He smiled at me and said, “This is why I am taking this chelation pill!” It all made sense to me. In our toxic world it is almost impossible to eliminate the heavy metals in our diet, but oral chelation with meals is a very inexpensive and safe way to reduce the risks.  An excellent oral chelation product is one that Dr. Gordon developed called BEYOND CHELATION.  This product along with the rectal suppository is available through our office.   What is the conclusion from this discussion? If you are interested in prevention I would suggest oral chelation. If you are suffering from a chronic disease (like Macular degeneration) I would suggest a combination of oral/ rectal or oral/ IV.

Dr. Kondrot to speak at the College of Vision Development meeting October 19, 2008 (LINK FOR WORKSHOP)
Dr. Kondrot will be offering a one day workshop on the use of homeopathy in the treatment of eye disease. This workshop has been approved for 6 CME and 6 COPE hours of continuing education for eye doctors. (Information for your eye doctor!)
Philadelphia Seminar September 16-19, 2008
Space for the one day seminar is still available! (SEMINAR SCHEDULE)
The 3 day treatment program is completely booked but if you are interested in the one day seminar on September 16, 2008 there is still space available. It will be held at the Cock and Bull Restaurant at the Golden Plough Inn in Peddlers Village located in Village of Lahaska, PA about one hour north of Philadelphia. We have a special room rate of $85.00 per night including Breakfast.

NEW in 2009
A one year 85 Credit Hour course on Bringing Alternative Medicine into Your Eye Practice. This 5 module course will feature topics such as nutrition, vitamin therapy, chelation, homeopathy, syntonic color therapy, Vision therapy and microcurrent. The goal is to give eye doctors the skills to bring these modalities immediately into their practice to help patients.  Proceeds from the tuition will go to the Restore Vision Foundation

September 2008A first for the 3 day program!
Patients are often surprised that home work is part of the 3 day program.  The homework is designed to help each patient become comfortable with treatments that will be done daily at home. I always joke after each homework assignment. “There is yet to be a group that everyone has completed the homework !” This is extends over a 3 year period with 2 to 3 groups a month. Excuses range from I was too tired! I could not remember! Etc. History was made on August 27, 2008! Everyone in the group completed their homework!

Update on New Office!
The new office was recently painted and the concrete stained! Everything is underway to meet the completion date of Oct 10, 2008. In this new facility we are expanding our services to include vision therapy, chelation and oxidative therapy. My findings have shown that these treatments can help your overall health and improve your vision. Our new building will also include an educational facility to educate patients and train doctors on alternative methods in the treatment of eye disease.(To see the preliminary construction!)

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