I have been getting some national attention on my latest news release entitled.

Watergate of Eye Care. Injections for wet macular degeneration.

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“First do no harm” is the first part of the Hippocratic Oath
An ideal medical treatment should have NO or minimal side effects.
Doing nothing is far better than a 18% incidence of retinal atrophy , 21% serious systemic side effects and some suggestion of loss of vision improvement after 2 years.

Watergate of Eye Care -The misrepresentations of injections for wet macular degeneration
Manipulation of study data
Losing 15 letters is still defined as vision maintenance
The Lancet medical journal, Alternative treatments to inhibit VEGF in age-related choroidal neovascularisation: 2-year findings of the IVAN randomised controlled trial, stated the following:
“This finding raises the worrying possibility that any visual benefit from monthly treatment might not be maintained in the long term.”
Systemic side effects
According to the CATT study “One or more serious systemic adverse events occurred in 255 patients 21.5%”

These include:
thromboembolic events such as stroke
myocardial infarction and angina
gastrointestinal perforation
hypertensive crisis
congestive heart failure
neutropenic sepsis

Ocular side effects
Now, a team of researchers led by Juan E. Grunwald, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania, has published a study of 1,024 CATT patients whose color fundus photos or fluorescein angiograms showed no visible signs of GA at enrollment.
After two years, the researchers found that GA had developed in 187 patients, or 18.3% of the cohort being studied. Other ocular side effects include:
Endophthalmitis (severe infection usually leading to blindness)
Retinal detachment
Retinal Atrophy

Pay offs and bribes
In an effort to boost sales of its pricey eye injection treatment, Genentech has begun offering doctors confidential rebates to use the drug over less costly alternatives, the New York Times reports.  Genentech’s drug Lucentis is a once-a-month injection-based remedy used to treat blindness in elderly people and costs about $2000 for each injection. – See more at: http://classactioncentral.com/new-york-times-reports-genentech-gives-secret-rebates-to-doctors/

To listen to the complete webinar on the dangers of injections and alternative treatments that can help!


National articles

CNN: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1193859




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