Our children are the most important part of our lives and its our duty to make sure they possess the best possible vision for their lifetime. That’s the reason you must be aware of all the right times when you should take your to an eye specialist.

When Is It Time To Find A Children’s Eye Specialist?

Have you thought about visiting an eye specialist or pediatric eye doctor for your child? If not, then now’s the moment! Whatever be the time of year, it is crucial to set your children up for success every school year. Routine eye exams for children are essential as 25 percent of children have vision problems. Children may struggle during their school year and are not aware of the condition because of those eye issues.

FYI: Numerous studies have pointed out that 1 in 4 children has a vision problem. Therefore, it becomes our duty to ensure that the concerned ones get the required treatment.

Normally, your family doctor or physician will carry out a fundamental examination, but they’ll direct you to an eye specialist or an eye doctor for kids for a more detailed eye examination. Such steps are necessary as it can help you to detect any chronic eye disease or problems. End of the day, eye health is at least as significant as any basic checkup for your child. Going through eye examinations may stop the progress of eye issues and you can begin the respective treatment early on.

Additionally, during children’ eye exams, seeing if polycarbonate lenses are an alternative for the child’s frames is crucial. What are polycarbonate lenses? These lenses are impact-resistant and scratch making them the most sturdy on the current market, perfect to manage any recess! To top it off, these lenses provide 100% UV protection. Eye protection is essential, especially in Arizona and also to guard your children’s vision.

Note: 60% of children with learning difficulties have an undetected vision problem.

How Old Should My Child Be If They Get Their First Eye Exam?

Most hospitals and clinics follow routine checkups when the infants are born. Likewise, they ought to have their first eye exam at roughly six months. It’s compulsory to check that their eyes are growing properly by an eye specialist. These tests are quite helpful in detecting several vision issues. The infants might have vision issues in depth perception, color vision and the ability to concentrate. All this can be eradicated with a simple eye exam. Making sure that these variables are all up to par is crucial for their own future. During a baby eye exam, eye tests consist of their pupil responses, focusing on objects in addition to basic vision exercises.

Likewise, it’s important to keep visiting the ophthalmologist on a regular basis every couple of years. Another eye exam should be received by kids at age three and at the age of six or five. This is the right approach as they begin school to make certain they are prepared. Having healthy eyesight will only bring about a more successful and comfortable school years for them. Now of course, if your children have contacts or eyeglasses, yearly eye examinations are recommended.

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