One of the natural eye drop is Cineraria Maritima, which Dr. Kondrot refers as a Homeopathic Eyedrop.

According to Dr. Kondrot, Cineraria maritima is a homeopathic preparation that is widely illustrated in the homeopathic literatures as a remedy that has shown to be very effective for cataracts, corneal opacities, traumatic cataracts, and senile cataracts.

FYI, it’s probably the most widely prescribed eyedrop in India, and there are some preparations here in the United States that are available containing Cineraria maritima.

This is one eyedrop that many eye doctors recommend. However, most of them say they have not seen Cineraria maritima dramatically reverse cataracts.

Dr. Kondrot studied the homeopathic literature. Interestingly, he shares that there are many comments made on should Cineraria maritima should be used four or five times a day, but to be effective, it must be used also with the constitutional remedy of the person. In most cases, this remedy will stop the progression of the cataracts.

In homeopathy, if you have 20 or 30 people with cataracts, maybe each person will need a different homeopathic remedy because a cataract is a manifestation of different underlying causes, if you will, of each person.

Dr. Norton published an article in the 1800s on the homeopathic treatment of cataracts. He used constitutional homeopathy, and each person that he treated needed a different constitutional remedy. At the end of his study, he came up with five or six different homeopathic remedies that seemed to be very common.

How do Homeopathy Remedy Works?

Dr. Kondrot believes that one approach to the treatment of cataracts is a combination of the Cineraria maritima eyedrops along with a constitutional homeopathic remedy. You may ask, “How do I find out my constitutional homeopathic remedy?” The best way is to contact a doctor who is trained in homeopathy, and he will do an interview and ask you various questions about your nature, temperament, and diseases or problems you have in your life. Then he will formulate a constitutional remedy.

This is something he does routinely in his practice. For those of you who visit his Restore Vision program, must know that he spends quite a bit of time exploring each patients constitutional remedy. Dr. Kondrot thinks that your constitutional remedy is one of the best ways of treating the underlying cause of your disease.

How are Homeopathic Eye Drops effective for eye health?

Dr. Kondrot firmly believe that homeopathy is probably the best approach to actually looking at the underlying cause of the disease or problem and actually enabling someone to cure the disease, much like my asthma was cured.

He says “I became interested in homeopathy when I developed severe adult-onset asthma. I had to take three different toxic pharmaceutical drugs that were giving me side effects. Finally, it was one homeopathic remedy that actually cured me of my asthma. I then began to study homeopathy, looking at using the homeopathic approach to treat eye disease. The homeopathic approach cannot only treat cataracts but also other problems, like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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