Alternative Therapies for Reversing Glaucoma

Reversing GlaucomaThere Is Hope

Dr Kondrot is a banner of hope for people suffering from glaucoma. In today’s episode, he tells us, “I am giving all of you out there with glaucoma hope. It is possible to reverse glaucoma. I see it all the time.”

It is important to understand that glaucoma is a serious eye disease and it can lead to total blindness. Fortunately, macular degeneration and other eye disorders do not lead to total blindness. You still have some residual vision.

If glaucoma is not treated properly, it can lead to total blindness. I want to emphasize that if you do have glaucoma, make sure you are carefully monitored by your eye doctor, take your eye drops as directed and seek a second opinion.

Citicoline for Glaucoma

Today, Dr. Kondrot tell us about citicoline. There have been several studies to show that oral citicoline might significantly slow down glaucoma’s rate of progression and, in fact, even improve visual function. There was also a study that showed that citicoline has a neuroprotective effect. It stabilized and actually improved glaucoma.

Another study showed that citicoline changes visual evoked potentials in patients with glaucoma. The visual evoked potential is a study which measures the electrical conductivity from the eye back to the occipital lobe.

There was another study done that demonstrated that citicoline might have an important role in the treatment and prevention of glaucoma.

Dr. Kondrot goes on to explain how individuals with glaucoma can get and use formulas with citicoline.

Over Diagnoses of Glaucoma

Also in today’s episode, Dr. Kondrot will help us understand why some people who do not actually have glaucoma are being diagnosed with it and why those individuals shouldn’t be receiving certain eye medications.

Dr. Kondrot tell us that he has seen many people who have been diagnosed with glaucoma, and they don’t really have the disease. Unfortunately, in traditional western ophthalmology, many eye doctors are getting into the area of prevention. If you have a slightly elevated intraocular pressure, they are prescribing pharmaceutical eye drops to lower your pressure when, indeed, you do not have glaucoma.

Unfortunately, glaucoma is often over diagnosed. Many of you who are taking eye drops do not have glaucoma. Glaucoma is more than intraocular pressure. The big mistake that a lot of eye doctors are making is that they’re looking at this as a disease of pressure. In glaucoma, there is an increase in intraocular pressure, and this pressure exerts an effect on the nerve of the eye.

To give you an analogy, it’s like putting too much air into a basketball. If you put too much air into a basketball, the basketball is going to split by the weakest part, which is the seam. In the eye, the seam occurs where the optic nerve enters the eye. As the pressure increases, there’s damage to the optic nerve.

How to Heal Glaucoma

A very big component to glaucoma is nutrition and the effect of heavy metals and toxic material in our body. One of the first things Dr. Kondrot recommend is that you begin to look at your diet. Dr. Kondrot is a big advocate of an organic, raw, living diet. If you have glaucoma and you’re having some visual loss, you have to keep your optic nerve as healthy as possible. The best way to do that is through the food you eat.

Another great tool is microcurrent stimulation which can help regenerate lost and damaged tissue. There’s also light therapy. All of these things can be really effective in helping the body regenerate, but the number-one thing you have to do is look at the underlying cause. There’s a good chance that there are heavy metals involved, hypertension and vascular disease. You have to look at that.

Another therapy is oxidative treatments. This is using a highly reactive form of oxygen called ozone that’s mixed with your blood. This stimulates regeneration, improves the oxygen uptake of the cells in your eye and reduces inflammation. All these things are things you should consider.

Listen to today’s episode to learn more about treating, healing, and curing glaucoma.

Alternative Therapies for Reversing Glaucoma
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