Ask Dr. Kondrot a Question February 2019

Back from the Togo Eye Mission in Africa. Over 150 blind patients, including 5 children, were treated to restore their lost vision. Instead of a guest this Sunday on Healthy Vision we we will have open lines for you to ask Dr. Kondrot a question! What a great opportunity to have all your questions answered regarding your vision. Join me in my celebration of a successful eye mission in Togo. For more information on our mission trip go to

It is easy to join me on Healthy Vision Talk radio every Sunday evening 5:00 PM AZT or 5:00 PM PST for an exciting line up of guests. Your questions are always welcomed! In Arizona you can listen on Radio station 1100 AM or you can listen on line at

This evening on ask Dr. Kondrot a question, we had several questions regarding the treatment of macular degeneration. For those of you you would like more information on this topic you can download my best selling book or listen to my webinar on macular degeneration called the WaterGate of Eye Care.

You can also go to for more information





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