As the year draws to an end, one can’t help but look forward to what lies ahead. But before we do that, let’s look back at Healing The Eye’s best of 2017, shall we?

I. Top Social Posts Best of 2017

1. Blurred Vision: Everything You Need To Know

Healing The Eye's Best of 2017

2. 3 Tips When Taking Supplements

3. Is a Homeopathic Approach to Macular Degeneration Treatment Possible?

II. Crowd Favorites from 2017

1. 3 Steps to Reverse Cataracts!

3 Steps to Reverse Cataracts! | Healing The Eye's Best of 2017
I started out as an eye surgeon. I felt there wasn’t any disease I couldn’t cut and put back together again. My philosophy has changed ever since homeopathy cured me of a severe case of asthma when traditional western doctors said nothing could be done. I’ve been integrating alternative therapy ever since. I strongly feel that alternative treatments and looking at the underlying cause should be the first approach to any eye disease.

2. How to Reverse Cataract Without Surgery?

How to Reverse Cataract Without Surgery? | Healing The Eye's Best of 2017
Want to know how to reverse cataract without surgery? This guide gives you a few tips on potential natural cataract treatment. It’ll also tell you key ingredients to look for when getting eye drops for cataract removal.

3. Treatment of Cataracts

Treatment of Cataracts | Healing The Eye's Best of 2017

Here is a sample of items covered in the webinar.

1) Can eye drops cure cataracts and what eye drops work the best?
2) Focal scurvy might be a cause of cataracts.
3) Why cataract surgery might lead to macular degeneration and why this should be your last resort. How to prevent this if you need cataract surgery.
4) Elevated lead is a leading cause of cataracts.

4. Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

It’s important to keep your eyes healthy, especially during the busiest time of the year. The holidays can be stressful, but it’s not an excuse to neglect your eyes. Here are a few ways to take care of your eyes this winter. 

And …Much..Much.. More!

Celebrate life! Celebrate the year we had! We hope to see you more in the coming year for healing your eyes!

Have you tried any of the treatments for your eyes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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