Learn the correct cataracts definition to avoid the need for cataract surgery. Cataracts are among the list of common eye problems that we experience as we age. Knowing what causes cataracts is central to proper cataract prevention. It’s also important to know what treatment for cataracts can help you avoid surgery. Learn more about cataracts definition, symptoms, and treatment!

Cataracts Definition and Important Things You Need to Know

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Who Is At Risk of Developing Cataracts?

Cataracts are one of the common types of eye problems that develop due to aging. As early as age 40, your eyes can start to develop small cataracts, but it is mostly at age 60 that cataracts affect your vision. Age causes the protein in your eyes to clump together and cloud parts of the eye’s lens, which is behind the iris and the pupil. Some researchers believe other causes of cataracts are diabetes and smoking.

What Is the Correct Cataracts Definition?

The cataracts definition is as simple as a clouding of your eye’s lens that results in blurry or complete loss of vision. The lens of your eyes focus the light or image you are looking at for the retina. Then the retina converts the light into nerve signals for your brain. The lens is also responsible for adjusting your eye’s focus. However, the protein in your lens can clump together and cloud parts of the lens.

When To Visit Your Eye Doctor

When to Visit Your Eye Doctor | Cataracts Definition | What Are Cataracts
The biggest sign of cataracts is blurry or cloudy vision. Other symptoms you may experience include sudden sensitivity to light (because the lenses of your eyes are having a hard time focusing), poor night vision, seeing colors as faded, and constantly having to change your prescription glasses or contact lenses. Double vision is also a symptom of cataracts. However, if your cataract gets bigger, you may stop experiencing double vision.

Where To Have Cataract Surgery

After having your eyes checked and being diagnosed with cataracts, ask your eye doctor to refer you to a specialist in a hospital or eye clinic. The best-known treatment for cataracts is surgery. In this procedure, a specialist will remove your cloudy lens and replace it with a new artificial lens. However, surgery isn’t recommended if your cataracts have greatly progressed into vision loss. Instead, your blurry vision can be improved with prescription glasses or anti-glare sunglasses.

Why Is Cataract Surgery Rarely Recommended?

Cataract surgery is often performed on patients experiencing vision loss or who have been diagnosed with other eye conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. After surgery, your doctor will recommend that you take precautions to avoid infection, and to avoid bending over and dislocating the artificial lens. Unfortunately, problems may occur after surgery, such as an after-cataract, bleeding, loss of vision, and decreased or increased eye pressure. These problems are rare.

How To Treat Cataracts Without Surgery

There are multiple ways to treat cataracts without surgery. Some of these tips include a holistic approach toward changing your lifestyle. Avoid processed foods and stay organic to keep chemicals from entering your body. Exposure to heavy metals may also promote the progression of your cataracts, but this can be remedied by chelation. Finally, the use of eye drops in the early stages of a cataract may reverse it.


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Cataracts Definition | What Are Cataracts

Cataracts is an often-age-related eye condition that can result in vision loss if left undiagnosed and untreated. If you’re experiencing cloudy vision and sudden sensitivity to light, set up an appointment with your eye doctor to have your lenses checked. Then consult your doctor about the treatments you can try before choosing surgery.

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