A recent study revealed that there are around 45 million people employing contact lenses either for cosmetic purposes or for vision correction. Contact lenses are unquestionably the most versatile vision aid that eliminates the problems that are observed while wearing eyeglasses. Lenses are trending in modern times due to their advanced and highly porous design, which helps the bearer to employ them for an extended period of time.

Congratulations on getting your contact lenses, but as you’re new to it, here are some essential tips that must be remembered before and while wearing contact lenses:

  • Always rinse and wash your hands well before touching/applying your contact lenses. You must ensure washing your hands with an antibacterial soap. Although its not always possible, you can also consider a sanitizer for this purpose.

  • Avoid any contact with your fingernails whenever touching contact lenses.

  • Remember to apply or put eye make-up or lotions only AFTER inserting the lenses.

  • Try and not apply lenses over a open sink, as the contact lens may fall and wash away in the sink.

  • Make sure you consider employing lens for right eye first whether removing or adding to prevent mix up. You can surely consider going with the left one each time.

  • Make sure to use hairspray prior to insertion of these lenses, or close eyes while spraying your hair and till the mist settles.

  • Always be careful to be certain that the lens are properly kept in their separate cases in closed conditions.

  • Set up a good habit of cleaning and disinfecting your lenses to prevent any sort of infections.

  • Remember to keep a proper stock of solutions at room temperature, never let them get too hot or cold.

  • Avoid sleeping in your contact lenses for more than a quick nap.

  • Always carry your lens case and spectacles together in case There’s ever a necessity to choose out the lenses.

  • Utilize fresh solutions rather than reusing solutions from the previous day.

  • Check the expiration dates of the solution you use and in any case don’t use any solutions which are expired.

  • Never mix two different brands solution as they don’t all work in exactly the same manner and sustain different chemical sensitivities.

  • Don’t use any eye drops or remedies other than those prescribed for you personally without consulting your Ophthalmologist.

  • Never keep contact lenses in tap water this could cause lenses to adhere to the retina. Tap water is unsterile and may include ACANTHAMOEBA, a microorganism known to cause serious eye ulcerations.

  • Wash your lens case out using warm soapy water once per week being sure to rinse well after.

  • If any issue, pain, discomfort or redness occurs, take off the lenses, clean them then reinsert them. If symptoms persist, remove the lenses and also get your eyes assessed by your ophthalmologist.

Eyes are the most sensitive organs of your body, make sure you follow the proper precaution steps when you employ them with any external or foreign object. We hope the above tips on using contact lenses will help you in the best way possible.

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