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1. How to Treat Normal-Tension Glaucoma Symptoms?

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Are you displaying glaucoma symptoms? It may be too early to worry, but its never too early to practice preventative eye care to avoid the onset of glaucoma symptoms—or at least manage them more effectively if you do have glaucoma. Here are a few tips which may help prevent and treat normal-tension glaucoma… Click to read more

2. Macular Degeneration Symptoms: How to Spot the Early Warning Signs

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Some macular degeneration symptoms aren’t always apparent until the condition worsens or affects both eyes. This is why it is important to identify any indication of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) at its early stages in order to prevent eventual vision loss… Click to read more

3. How Does the Bates Method Work?

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Dr. William Horatio Bates proposed a natural vision therapy called the Bates Method. The Bates Method is the cure of imperfect sight by treatment without glasses. That is, there are key principles, healthy habits, and natural methods to improve your vision without glasses or contact lenses… Click to read more

4. What Does Ozone Therapy Do?

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Ozone therapy is an emerging alternative method that has shown amazing potential in fighting disease. But what does this therapy do? How can it help the body fight diseases? Below are 4 amazing ozone therapy benefits that will encourage you to consider it… Click to read more

5. How Does Macular Degeneration Cause Blindness?

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How does macular degeneration cause blindness? This blog post will answer this question by briefly explaining the nature of the disease. Although understanding macular degeneration can seem daunting, this post will break it down some of the more complicated issues. In the following, we will discuss types of macular degeneration, symptoms, risk factors, and treatments. Continue reading to get informed about AMD… Click to read more

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