People who are in their 60’s are prone to suffering from degenerative eye disease. Some people may accept the fact that it comes with the age; however, there are natural methods of macular degeneration treatment to slow down the process and protect the eyes. To see best results, get started at an early age!

Degenerative Eye Disease Avoiding Vision Loss Naturally


Facts You Need To Consider

  • About 14% – 20% of people ages 60 – 80 years old may have degenerative eye disease, at least at its early stages.
  • Cases have shown that females (65%) have a higher chance of developing macular degeneration than males (35%).
  • The younger generation is less likely to develop degenerative eye disease compared to those above 60 years of age.


1. Maintain a Healthy Weight and Perform Regular Exercises

Maintain a Healthy Weight and Perform Regular Exercises | Degenerative Eye Disease : Successful Natural Treatments

Keep your weight, blood pressure, as well as your blood sugar in check by performing regular exercises.

2. Establish a Diet with High Levels of Antioxidants

Establish a Diet with High Levels of Antioxidants | Degenerative Eye Disease : Successful Natural Treatments

“Oxidative injury” to the eyes plays a huge part in cell and nerve degeneration in the macula/retina. That’s why having a high antioxidant diet can reduce the development of degenerative eye disease, coupled with the taking of supplements.

Kinds of Food You Need To Avoid

  • Foods with high-fat content
  • Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine
  • Sweetened drinks with added sugar
  • Hydrogenated fats, packaged/processed foods made from trans fats, added sugar, refined grains, and processed meat

These are all foods that cause inflammation and should be avoided.

Food with anti-inflammatory properties You Need To Include In Your Diet

  • Food high in fiber content
  • Water
  • Vegetable juices and fruits that are fresh
  • High antioxidant foods
  • Foods with carotenoid

 3. Protect Your Eyes With Supplements

Protect Your Eyes With Supplements | Degenerative Eye Disease : Successful Natural Treatments

Supplements can also help preserve your eyes, just like foods with antioxidants.

The following are the leading supplements that help prevent degenerative eye disease:

  • Lutein – found in large amounts in green leafy vegetables such as yellow carrots, kale and spinach.
  • Zeaxanthin – lowers oxidative deterioration giving you an anti-aging effect.
  • Essential oils – Helichrysum, frankincense, and cypress essential oils applied around area lateral to the eye as well as the cheeks two times a day has been shown to boost your eyesight, circulation and helps the nerve tissue.
  • Astaxanthin – is a “potent free radical scavenger” that prohibits damage to the retina.
  • Bilberry – consists of flavonoids that aids in supporting the eye other than improving blood flow.

4. Drink Red Wine

Drink Red Wine | Degenerative Eye Disease : Successful Natural Treatments

Drinking 5-10oz of red wine daily can be great for increasing your HDL levels. Opt for moldy wines like the ones made around Finger Lakes of New York and heat-stressed or high altitude wines, those originating from Australia, Chile, Argentina. Drinking alcohol holds other risks, and should be consumed knowingly.

5. Take Care of Your Eyes

Take Care of Your Eyes | Degenerative Eye Disease : Successful Natural Treatments

Being exposed to excessive direct sunlight can cause oxidative injury to your eyes. Don’t look directly into the sun specifically around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when it is at its highest. Invest in quality UV & polarized sunglasses and don’t forget to wear a hat. If you spend long hours using the computer or gadgets make sure to give your eyes a rest every 20 minutes to reduces eyestrain. Avoid devices with blue light features before going to bed.

6. Treat or Prevent Markers of Metabolic Syndrome/Cardiovascular Disease

Support a healthy heart and avoid damage to the nerves due to abnormal blood sugar levels and irregular blood pressure by performing regular exercises, maintaining a healthy diet, reduce stress, drink adequate amounts of water and get enough sleep.

A background marked by cardiovascular illness and diabetes is one of the main risk factors for eye issues, as well as degenerative eye disease. Having cardiovascular disease could mean abnormal blood pressure and high inflammation levels.

7. Quit Smoking

Give Up Smoking | Degenerative Eye Disease : Successful Natural Treatments

It is no secret that cigarettes consist of more than a handful of deadly chemicals. It has been found to cause damage to healthy cells and tissues, add damage to the nerves, increase loss of vision and level of inflammation.

While quitting smoking is not necessarily a treatment, it’s absence from your life will keep you healthier. Cigarette smoking accelerates the aging effect of a person and is said to be the most detrimental habit people can have.


a2ztube Nutrition shows natural ayurvedic home remedies for macular degeneration:

Degenerative Eye Disease: 7 Successful Natural Treatments
These are but a few natural treatments for degenerative eye disease but it may be a lifesaving method should you give it a try. You would not just improve your eyesight, you get to live a healthy life in the process. So why not give it a try and see what happens in a year or two.

Do you happen to have other successful natural treatments for degenerative eye disease? Let us know which one in the comments section below.

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