Delta Laser Therapy is a  medical breakthrough for eye treatment

Light therapy has become a very important part of my practice in helping patients to restore lost vision and improve their health.  Patients have been asking me what devices are available for home use that use the new Cold Laser and Pulse Electromagnetic Field.  I would  like to introduce you to a remarkable device that offers  not only these two top healing modalities but  2 other therapies at a very reasonable investment.

Delta Laser Therapy is a  medical breakthrough for eye treatment. By using different types of light, one can cure a variety of disorders and illnesses.

These  4 tools modalities have the  emergent quality of synergy of their coherent operation that gives rise to a totally new modality – coMra-Therapy.

  1. Static  Magnetic field
  2. Near Infrared Cold Laser
  3. Syntonic light
  4. Ultrasound

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