How does one detox heavy metals after exposure? Before we answer this question, let us get this out of the way first: everyone has already been exposed to a considerable level of heavy metals. We will be discussing the most common heavy metal detoxification procedure, chelation therapy, and more importantly, the more non-invasive options. Heavy metal detox supplements are something we specialize in, and if you are looking for a more natural way to improve your eyesight, read on.

Detox Heavy Metals: Avoiding IV EDTA Chelation Therapy


Treatment of Heavy Metals

Treatment of Heavy Metals | Safe Way to Detox Heavy Metals Without IV EDTA Chelation
The detoxification process for heavy metal poisoning is more nuanced than one might expect. Combinations of heavy toxic metals in low dosages can often be more aggressive than extremely elevated levels of a singular toxic metal. As an example: a mixture of low-level lead and mercury is way more dangerous than a high-level dosage of just lead.

How much heavy toxic metal is lethal?

What is LD (Lethal Dose)?

Lethal dose, or LD, represents the general toxicity of a heavy metal in the context of rat studies. Out of 100 rats, an LD1 dose kills 1, LD50 kills half, and LD100 kills all of the rats.

The most interesting part of the study? It confirmed that a combination of an LD1 dose of mercury and a small portion of an LD1 dose of lead (1/20th) does not result in a slight increase; this mixture actually results in an LD100 solution.

One alarming implication of this study is the issue of mercury present in vaccines. The toxicity levels of mercury are measured in ppb (parts per billion). One ppb of mercury in a lake will make the fish unsuitable for consumption. Scientists consider two hundred ppb to be hazardous waste. According to this study by the National Vaccine Information, vaccines for flu, Haemophilus B (administered in the 90s), meningococcal and tetanus has a staggering 50,000 ppb level. This knowledge changes things.

Detoxifying Without IV EDTA Chelation

Detoxifying Without IV EDTA Chelation | Safe Way to Detox Heavy Metals Without IV EDTA Chelation
The aim of detoxification is to improve one’s nutritional state, improve the overall functions of the body’s internal organs, and aid in the correction of autoimmune issues and hormonal imbalances. The usual procedure involved in the removal of heavy metals from the body is through chelation therapy. Doctors administer the procedure via IV.

Dr. Patricia Kane has developed an oral detoxification protocol. The treatment process is done over the course of 6 months, and is comprised of three phases:

Phase 1 (Duration: 1 month)
This part of the treatment aims to balance the good minerals in the body. An Oligoscan or a home test kit will test 8 critical minerals. Deficiencies will be stabilized.

Phase 2 (Duration: 3 months)
This is where the detoxification process begins. We will use several oral products such as:

  • Phenylbutyrate (oral)
  • Phosphatidylcholine (oral)
  • Leucovorin (oral)
  • Glutathione (oral)

Phase 3 (Duration: 2 months)
Called the membrane stabilizing diet, this part of the treatment requires a particular diet, with a focus on the intake of supplements.

  • BodyBio Balance SR3 Oil
  • Nutrient dense High Quality Protein
  • Rose Acre Farms Egg Protein or Collagen Protein Powder
  • Diet high in Essential Fatty Acid Based Oils
  • Meals from the Membrane Stabilization Cook Book


Costs | Safe Way to Detox Heavy Metals Without IV EDTA Chelation
All of the supplements required are offered by Healing the Eye and Wellness Center. The entire cost of the treatment will be:

Mineral Taste Test – $125
2 Urine Testing – $498
6 Months’ Worth of Nutritional Products – $1922
3 follow up exams – $750
Total investment – $3295

Just to put it in context, the cost of IV EDTA over a six month period (including creatinine and urine testing) could set you back $2795.


Dr. Anne Marie Fine explains the basics of detoxification in this video below:

Safe Way to Detox Heavy Metals Without IV EDTA Chelation

Detoxification is a way to protect not only your eyes but your overall health. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to rid your body of heavy metals and toxins. To top it all off, we’re offering it for the special introductory offer of $2795.00.

Do you have any inquiries about the procedure? Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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