Does Extreme Eye Strain Progress Myopia?

In today’s computer-driven society, a major number of people complaint about eye strain and discomfort because of it. Well, there is one of the compiling evidence that both eyestrain and myopia, which is also known as nearsightedness are related. It is true because a repetitive, prolonged eye strain can not only cause the symptoms of myopia but many other serious complications to your eyes.

What is Myopia?

Myopia is often referred to as short-sightedness or nearsightedness, which means you can see the objects perfectly well when they are close, but you can not see things clearly when they are far. It is a common eye condition that may develop rapidly or gradually. It occurs when the light rays refract incorrectly and do not fall on your retina.

How Eye Strain And Myopia Are Related?

Most of the people are aware of the direct connection between the eye strain and the progression of myopia. People who work in from of computers, laptop screens or mobile screens for an extended period, are more likely to develop the symptoms of myopia. Apart from this, myopia is common in people who sew a lot, craft or who are voracious readers. Many experts say eye strain is not only the reason behind the progression of myopia, but it is a contributing factor to it.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Myopia?

The symptoms of myopia or nearsightedness may include:

  • Blurry vision while looking at distant things
  • Headaches after working in front of screens, which is caused by eye strain
  • Difficulty seeing when you drive, especially at night (known as night myopia)
  • A habit of partially close  the eyes to see clearly
  • Rubbing the eyes frequently

What are the Risk Factors?

Children and adolescents are more likely to get the symptoms of myopia as compared to elderly people as they spend too much time in front of screens. But there are some other factors also, which include-

  • Genetics: Myopia is usually run in families. If one or both parents are nearsighted, your risk of developing the condition is higher.
  • Environmental Conditions:  As per some studies, lack of spending time at outdoors may also increase the risk of developing myopia

Can Homeopathy Help?

Homeopathy is known as one of the best and most preferred treatments for myopia caused due to extreme eye strain. All the symptoms including blurry vision, cloudy vision, headaches etc. can be treated by homeopathy effectively. As homeopathy is a holistic and non-surgical approach, it does not cause any discomfort or side-effects. A homeopathic doctor makes a proper diagnosis of the symptoms of myopia and then provide suitable treatment that even leads to improved vision.

Thus, if you or any of your dear ones are struggling with some symptoms of myopia due to prolonged eye strain, then it is recommended to opt for homeopathy and get improved vision. It will improve your quality of life to enjoy day-to-day activities.

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