Let us begin with gaining a basic understanding of Cataract.

What is a Cataract?

Cataract” comes from the Greek phrase meaning waterfall. The ancients believed there was a something that used to cover human eyes, which was termed as cataract; but that’s not the case. A cataract is a calcification or a clouding of the lens. The lens is inside the eye behind the iris. It is about a large M&M’s size.

As we age, there are normal changes in the lens of the eye. Dr. Kondrot tell patients who is just about over age 50 begins to develop early cataracts. Just because you’ve got a cataract does not mean that you have a need for surgery. If the illness goes to a certain point it’s currently limiting your action or at which it starts to interfere with your vision, then surgery should be considered by you.

The sensible and prudent thing to do is attempt to find out the reason for the cataract and begin to make modifications in your diet, possibly take some supplements.

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However, the main question that remains is, “Should you begin to take eye drops to reverse cataracts or impede the process?”.

Concerning physiological changes which happen, researchers have discovered that when a person develops a cataract, there’s normally a decrease in levels of vitamin C and glutathione in the aqueous humour of their eye. The aqueous is the remedy which bathes the lens of their eye, and that means your eye desires a healthy aqueous. The aqueous carries also the power, oxygen, and also nutrients to keep that lens wholesome. The eye’s lens doesn’t have blood flow. There are no blood vessels so that aqueous is really important moving to the lens.

As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Kondrot tend to look at the kind of cataract. It might split down into many different subtypes, although believe it or not, there are three chief kinds of cataracts:

  • One type is the subcapsular cataract, which is similar to a crystallized deposit that occurs in the back of the lens. He believes this is more common in conditions that are toxic. It’s found more commonly in diabetes and poisonous events.

  • The nuclear cataract is a cataract which develops in the central part of the lens. This is the form of aging. That plastic will begin to turn dark Should you leave the vinyl outside in the sunlight. If you leave it out long it’ll be black. That is what occurs with the atomic. I believe this is a result of ultraviolet exposure.

  • Cortical cataracts develop on the outside of the lens and work their way more toward the center. Sometimes because the heart isn’t involved, you may have cortical cataracts and have a vision.

Then there is something Dr. Kondrot refers as a white cataract. These are cataracts that develop at a young age. They are so advanced that it blocks your vision entirely, and this really is a progression of the illness. These may happen in young folks.

Then there is a condition called congenital illness, where babies can be born with cataracts. So as to properly treat your cataracts, we will need to know the sort of cataract. We have to check out something about nutrition and your surroundings.

Final Conclusion from Dr. Kondrot “To be honest with you, I have not seen any beneficial effect with these drops. I have seen maybe a slowing of the progression of cataracts with these drops, but I have not seen any reversal.”

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