Lenses are suitable, safe to use, and easy to put on and get accustomed to. However, they do take a risk of eye problems, especially if hygiene isn’t maintained, and lens and eye care tips aren’t followed. Here is how you can produce your contact lens wearing experience comfortable and infection-free by following these tips:

Don’t Ever Sleep Wearing Lenses

To begin with, one shouldn’t wear lenses because of prolonged durations because it can lead to dryness in eyes resulting in swelling and possible vision injury. Sleeping with contacts is dangerous and should not be done.

Put Lenses Before Applying Makeup

If you’ve ever gotten cosmetics in your contact lenses, you will understand it bites — burns up. Doll up just after you’ve inserted your lenses, in order to prevent getting specks of makeup in them together with the way. To exactly the same reason, remove your contacts before removing your makeup.

However, if you had to someday wear lenses after the makeup, make sure when you remove them, WASH them with lens solutions. And also, if the eyes begin to irritate, remove the lenses instantly.

Make Sure You Clean And Wash Hands Before Handling Contacts

Dirty palms will regenerate your contacts, in turn, transmitting bacteria into your eyes. Make sure you thoroughly clean the hands before handling the lenses, whether you’re removing or wearing them. Wash the hands and then dry them with a fibre cloth, if now towel is available, make sure you use a tissue paper to dry your hands.

No Swimming with Lenses

There are reasons why we use a special lens solutions to wash lenses in the place of plain drinkable water — water can comprise impurities and microbes, nearly invisible to the naked eye. Even showering with lenses can cause diseases and possible blindness. This is just a precaution to keep. Its better late than sorry.

Replacement In 3 Months And Regular Cleaning

While you’re cleaning your lenses, then spare an additional minute to clean your lens case with lens solution too. Even if your lenses are clean, there are chances that the eye lens case might take germs and contaminate your lenses. Therefore, regular washing of lens are recommended.

Note: Replace cracked lens cases immediately as this allows an opening for bacteria to enter.

Colored Lenses Dry Your Eyes More Than Transparent Lenses

Eye-enlarging lenses using amazing colors (eg circle lenses or sclera lenses) can greatly enhance our features, but the coating of pigment included lets them be permeable — which restricts oxygen to our eyes, making them prone to dryness. This can cause damage to the retina and also a hazy vision.

You Can Be Allergic To Lenses. Check For Signs

In case you have redness, itchiness, tearing, or pain on a recurring basis make sure you discontinue the use of lenses and consult with an eye doctor immediately.

These could be symptoms of an infection due to poor hygiene. But there are chances that you might even be allergic to lenses. If the irritation subsides and you have been correctly diagnosed, stay glued to spectacles to prevent further exacerbating the matter.

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