It is so easy to make eye health vitamin mistakes. There are a lot of vitamin brands on the market, and you can’t really tell if your body will react well to them unless you try them. If you’re not careful, those vitamins could end up damaging your eyesight.

Common Eye Health Vitamin Mistakes


1. Taking Chinese Vitamins

More than half of the adult American population take vitamins and supplements. This is all well and good, but the problem is that 90% of Vitamin C is manufactured in China. China’s vitamin and supplement production areas are some of the most polluted locations in the world. The soil and farmland of Zhejiang, China’s top vitamin exporting province, is riddled with high levels of heavy metal.

Just think of the number of food and drink products that have Vitamin C in them. Nearly all processed food for humans and their pets contains Vitamin C. There’s no way for consumers to know if the Vitamin C they’re ingesting is from China, because it’s not required that the origin of ingredients be labeled.  Your best bet in avoiding Chinese vitamins is to go organic and to use locally made vitamins and snacks.

2. Taking Too Many Vitamins

Taking Too Much Vitamins | Eye Health Vitamin Mistakes to Avoid

Usually, when we get sick, we ingest all of the vitamin C we can get our hands on.  This is hardly a problem, since it’s a water-soluble vitamin that exits your system very easily. However, not all vitamins are like that. Sometimes, taking vitamins in excess can damage our bodies. For example, a surplus of vitamin A can lead to loss of vision and liver damage. Fish oils can go rancid and can have mercury contamination. We suggest taking plant-based omega oils. These are much safer and healthier. Most importantly, with any vitamin take only take the recommended dose or the dose your doctor prescribes.

3. Taking Synthetic Vitamins

Taking Synthetic Vitamins | Eye Health Vitamin Mistakes to Avoid

Synthetic vitamins are manufactured in labs using chemicals, and hardly have traces of their natural counterparts. They’re made to mimic the way real vitamins act once ingested. But of course, nothing can beat the real thing. You should seek out the plants that give the specific vitamin you’re looking for. These chemicals were never meant to be consumed by people. These are things that damage your eyesight.


Improving your Sight

Improving your Sight | Eye Health Vitamin Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you know the common eye health vitamin mistakes, it’s time to improve your eyesight. Through this clever little acronym, you can help your vision improve:

Spinach and kale- These veggies and other leafy greens are chock-full of lutein and zeaxanthin. These two help protect our eyes from blue light, which causes macular degeneration.

Increase colorful fruits and vegetables- Naturally colorful food helps our vision stay colorful.

Gut- Your gut is your first line of defense against many diseases. Keep your gut healthy, and your eyes will be as well.

Hydration- Stay hydrated especially if you live in warmer climates. Good eyesight requires a healthy amount of water in your system.

Toxins- Remove harmful toxins like lead and mercury from your diet by going organic. Sure it’s more expensive, but your health is priceless.


Healthy and Natural Vitamins

Healthy and Natural Vitamins | Eye Health Vitamin Mistakes to Avoid

Taking the wrong vitamins can be detrimental to one’s health. If you want a safe source of vitamins, your best bet is to eat natural and organic vitamin-rich food. The vitamins and supplements here are also very safe. They’re all made in the USA under strict GMP/NSF international standards. We only use the highest quality ingredients to make sure your body will be in great working condition.


For more tips on taking vitamins and supplements, watch this video by Thomas DeLauer:
Eye Health Vitamin Mistakes to Avoid

Vitamins can sometimes make or break you. Do the smart thing and research on the brand of vitamins you’re using right now. If it’s synthetic or made in an unclean environment, it’s best to ditch it. Remember to always consult and listen to your doctor. You don’t have to fall victim to common eye health vitamin mistakes. Stay aware and look out for your eyes.

Do you prefer to get your vitamin needs from pills or from food? What’s your favorite lutein-rich food? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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