Eye Vitamins for Macular Degeneration May BACKFIRE - Studies Show Increased Progression by 135%

Vitamins May BackfireMacular degeneration research has indicated that there is a subset of ARMD patients who actually do worse with certain vitamins. This study was done with macular degeneration, but it can be related to other eye diseases and health issues.

We’re going to be covering some examples of risks and benefits of some of the best eye vitamins. We’re also going to look at methods of testing. And most importantly, how do you determine if you’re part of this subset that may do worse with vitamins?

We’re also going to be looking at the homeopathic approach to eye disease, the value of customized vitamins, and how to obtain your particular customized vitamin formula so you can obtain the maximum benefit of the nutritional supplements that you take.

There isn’t just one homeopathic medicine for age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma. There isn’t just one eye drop or one injection that’s going to cure your symptoms. We must look at the individual person.

We will look at another study indicates which of the 20% of people with early macular degeneration will progress to advanced disease. Who is in this group? How can we identify them?

Finally, we’ll explore the hard truth that what is one person’s medicine is another person’s poison. Even a common ingredient can lead to a 135% increase in macular degeneration in some patients with a certain genotype. The job of your ophthalmalogist is to test each ingredient to see if it’s beneficial or detrimental for you and your specific eye problems.

Eye Vitamins for Macular Degeneration May BACKFIRE - Studies Show Increased Progression by 135%
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