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Fat and protein from vegetable sources showed a lower risk of glaucoma damage!


This minute we are going to talk about the importance of nutrition.  Low – Carb Diet May  Reduce the Risk of Some Types of Glaucoma! In the July 2020 issues of Eye-Nature magazine reviewed data from 185,638 people looking for an association between a low carbohydrate diet and incidence of glaucoma.  Subjects whose low carbohydrate diet containing more fat and protein from vegetable sources showed a lower risk of a glaucoma subtype marked by initial central vision loss. This type of diet could reduce the risk of early visual loss by 20 percent!  If you have vision loss consider shifting to a vegetarian diet. Learn more about nutrition in my best selling book – 10 Essentials to Save Your vision. Yours free by going to www.KondrotBook.com

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