Are you fed up using certain remedies or eye drops to combat dry eye syndrome? Well, the usual suspects such as dust, allergies, weather conditions, or even air pollution could be to blame. But do you know that there can be another reason? Yes! It is your age. The risk of getting issues like chronic dry eyes increases as you get older, especially for women going through menopause. According to a recent study on eye health, around five million Americans are suffering from dry eye issues, and the highest incidence has been seen among post-menopausal women. Despite being annoying and uncomfortable, dry eye syndrome can harm your vision permanently.

You might be neglecting some habits that have been weakening your vision. Dry eye syndrome is a typical and chronic condition that can lead to blurred vision if left untreated. But, in many cases, dry eyes can be cured completely if diagnosis and treatment had been done initially. Well, with that said, we all know that “precaution is better than cure.

Here are some precautionary steps that will be quite helpful to keep your eyes moist.

Take Frequent Breaks from the Screen.

If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, working in front of a computer screen for long hours can take a serious toll on your eyes. Of course, no working professional can take very many breaks, but it is recommended to take your eyes off for one minute every hour from the computer screen. Also, you can follow the “20-20-20 rule” given by some experts. According to this rule, you have to spend 20 seconds every 20 minutes looking at something which is 20 feet away. This is because staring at something far away puts less strain on your eyes as compared to looking at something closer such as a computer screen.

Mind Your Medications.

You may have not figured out that your medications can be the reason behind your dry eyes. For instance, if you are taking medications for allergies such as antihistamines, you will experience dry eyes as they are created to make your sinuses dry out. You can ask your doctor for less drying medication options available if you are allergic to that particular medicine.

Check Your Surrounding Environment.

If you have mild dry eye syndrome, you will feel it more when you enter a dry environment. People feel dry eye sensation more when they sit in front of the heating system during the winter as it tends to dry out the air in your room. This is where the importance of a humidifier has come into existence. A good quality humidifier in your room creates more moisture in your room to prevent dry eye problems.

Try Ozonated Eye Drops.

Follow These Precautionary Steps to Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome

Apart from this, there are some more precautions you should take such as avoiding smoke, wearing glasses instead of contact lenses, and drinking more than six glasses of water per day. If you still feel discomfort and itchiness with dry eyes, then don’t be late, visit your doctor and ensure your well-being.

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