Get Started with Microcurrent

Now available both in Arizona, California and Florida!
Have you been thinking about microcurrent but were looking for a more affordable method of obtaining a quality device for treatment? We are now offering a 2 day training workshop on how microcurrent can benefit you.

The Kondrot Program is still the best way
This workshop is for people interested in getting started with microcurrent without the commitment of the Kondrot Program.  The Kondrot Program is still the best way for you to regain your health and vision and is now available through out the country administered by trained Alternative Medical Doctors.
More info on the Kondrot Program

What is the Get Started with Microcurrent Now?
It is for people who want to quickly get started with microcurrent to improve their health and vision.

What is required?
It is necessary that you attend a 2 day training at the Florida Wellness Center in Fort Myers, FL or the  in Phoenix, AZ. This is ensure you are properly trained to use it correctly  and will benefit from the microcurrent device. Investment for the training is only $695.00

Outline of the Program
History of Microcurrent
Why microcurrent is the medicine of the future
Research and Publications on the use of micrcurrent
Can microcurrent help with vision problems?
Basics of using a Microcurrent machine
What is the best machine for me?
Hands on use of the microcurrent. Experience the effects in the workshop!
Developing your on protocols for treatment
At the completion of the program you will have an option to purchase you own customized microcurrent machine

Microcurrent can do the following:
Improves blood flow
Stimulates cellular activity
Removes scar tissue
Reduces inflammation
Neuro-protective Effect
Balance Autonomic Nervous system
Treat Neuropathies
Treat depression
Stimulate stem cells
Lower intra-ocular pressure
reverse macular degeneration
Facial rejuvenation
correct musulo- skeletal problems

Locations of Training
Florida Wellness Center
2666 Swamp Cabbage Ct
Fort Myers, FL 33523(352) 588-0477

Location to be announced in
Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA

What are the times of the training?
Training will be 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM the first day and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM the second day.

Completion of training
Once you complete your training you will be qualified to buy your 5 program  Microcurrent Machine for $2250.00 or the 10 program machine for $2750.00. Each program on this Machine is customized for your needs.

Please call the office(352) 588-0477  for more information or register on line

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