Learn what treatments work and why your current treatment might be ineffective and even dangerous to your health and vision.

Glaucoma is a serious disease and proper treatment is necessary to prevent vision loss. Lowering eye pressure by using drops, laser or surgery, in most cases, is not the best way to treat this disease. Learn why the focus of treatment needs to be on improving the health of the brain and optic nerve.

1) Learn the facts regarding an extensive study on Marijuana reported in the British Journal Of Ophthalmology. This could be the most amazing natural substance to treat glaucoma. It  can lower pressure, balances the autonomic nervous system and has a neuro-protective, neuro-regenerative and an anti-inflammatory effect!
2) Learn about an Italian study that revealed a common nutritional substance called Citocholine  that can have a marked neuro-protective effect and prevent vision loss in glaucoma
3) An ingredient in red beets causes vasodilation which improves blood flow to the optic nerve and  it improves trabecular meshwork function which results in a lower intraocular pressure
4) An ingredient in Vietnamese soup can remove  heavy metals that are toxic to the optic nerve and neurological tissues
5) Treating the neurological cell membrane is the key to prevent vision loss in glaucoma and in some cases treatment of the membrane can reverse years of vision loss. Learn the extensive research and innovative treatments being developed in cell membrane restoration.
6) Vitamins may backfire! A national study indicated that patients with a certain genotype actually had a increase risk of vision loss when taking certain vitamins! Learn how genetic testing can help you determine what vitamins are best for you.
7) How can microcurrent  and  light therapy can lower eye pressure and improve circulation?
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