When you discuss this problem with your doctor he may prescribe some eye drops that are formulated with omega fatty acids. But the natural cure is the best remedy. There are many natural treatments available which can be done at home in an easier manner.

Let us help you with few of the most common and simplest seven ways to consider when you need to deal with floaters:

  1. Focus An Object

Hold a pen or a pencil in your hand in front of your face and keep your arms straight. Now focus on the pencil lid and now slowly bring your pencil six inches ahead of you and again focus the pencil lid. Repeat this process ten times a day.

  1. Orange Fruit Juices

Drink a lot of organic fruit juices. Garlic, beetroots, thyme, carrots, apple, parsnip, raspberries, celery are good natural remedies to cure floaters.

  1. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is considered as an effective natural cure for eye floaters. They’re a perfect alternative for coffee, milk, alcohol, and tea.

  1. Practicing Palming

One of the most traditional exercises for eye care is palming. In which you rub your hands to warm them up and then place the palms on your eyes. Normally you must place the palm on your eyes for 10 seconds and then repeat the whole process. Repeating this basic exercise five times a day may help your eyes stay calm.

  1. Fundamental Eye Exercises

There exist few basic eye-care exercises that every one of us is aware of, such as rotating the eyes. Under this, you keep your head back and watch the ceiling. Then slowly start rotating your eyeballs in a clockwise direction and then in counter-clockwise direction also. This exercise can be practiced at your office also. It can be repeated 10 times daily in both directions.

Note: It’s suggested that you must only move your eyeballs slowly.

  1. Yoga Exercises

International Yoga Day is around the corner, which is on the 21st of June. Trust us, this ancient exercise is a remedy to any disease or problem that you face in your everyday life. From mental to physical, whatever problem you’re dealing with; Yoga has a cure for it. Experts suggest that Yoga exercises are an excellent remedy to get rid of the stress induced in eyes.

  1. Massage

Do you remember your body massage sessions! How relaxing and rejuvenating they are! The same goes for massaging your eyes as well. Gently massaging your forehead area (between your eyebrows and temples) can help you relax the eye muscles. The message must be done slowly and gently in one particular direction. You must repeat this process for twenty times on a daily basis.

Note: You must know that massage is considered to be one of the best natural cure for eye floaters.

So, what are you are waiting for! Start practicing the above steps to treat floaters naturally at home.

Happy Practicing 🙂

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