In medical terms, Glaucoma is referred to as ‘multifactorial optic disorder’ characterized by an acquired lack in retinal ganglion cells at levels beyond ordinary age-related loss and corresponding atrophy of the optic nerve. Too tough to understand! Here’s a simple one for you, Glaucoma is a ‘silent thief of sight’ as it damages the optic nerve and also causes retinal nerve cell death. Although many treatments are available to handle this chronic condition. Some patients may seek complementary or alternative medicine approaches such as acupuncture to enhance their routine treatment.

Glaucoma can be a very serious disorder that can lead to significant vision loss and blindness. It’s important to visit your ophthalmologist for a complete eye exam every couple of decades before you’ve got any of the following:

  • Family past of someone being diagnosed with glaucoma

  • Significant nearsightedness

  • Diabetes

  • Corneal disorder

  • Smoke a pack or more of smokes each day

  • If you’re African-American (3x more prone to develop open-angle glaucoma)

If you have any of those risk factors, then you should have a complete eye exam annually.

Relation of Acupuncture with Glaucoma

The plausibility of acupuncture is that disorders associated with the flow of Chi (the classic Chinese concept translated as vital force or energy) can be avoided or treated by arousing relevant points on the body surface.

  • Decreasing Intra Ocular Pressure

Research conducted in Germany studied the effect of acupuncture 18 patients diagnosed with dementia and high blood pressure. Measurements of their intraocular pressure were taken fifteen minutes before, fifteen minutes afterward, and 24 hours after they were treated with acupuncture. Patients showed an average decrease of 2.5 mm Hg in their intraocular pressure without any side effects. The researchers also reported intraocular pressure “significantly improved” after receiving acupuncture twice weekly to five weeks.

  • Increasing Blood Circulation into the Eyes

It has been known for several decades now that glaucoma is related to a low blood flow speed in blood vessels of the eye (which are known as the retrobulbar vessels). This slow and distorted flow plays a significant role in the damage of the optic nerve. Therefore researches are being held to help improve this problem of circulation in the eyes for glaucoma patients.

  • Betterment Of Visual Acuity

Research from Japan also revealed acupuncture’s effect on improving visual acuity in patients suffering from glaucoma. Acupuncture was carried out on patients two times a week for five weeks. The researchers noticed that “uncorrected visual acuity was considerably improved within this timeframe.


As seen, eye-specific acupuncture treatment had favorable short-term consequences on ocular blood flow in patients who have primary open-angle glaucoma.

Acupuncture should be considered as a supportive therapy to help preserve the overall health of the optic nerve. It effects on improving blood circulation in the eye; decreasing intraocular pressure, and improving visual acuity, which makes it a very rewarding therapy for many people struggling with glaucoma. It is very important to not forget, that the fitness of the eyes depends upon the wellness of the whole human body.

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