Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataract are the two most common and frequent eye issues found in aged people. These sight problems are considered to bring vision concerns and even loss of vision in some severe cases. Though such situations occur with aging, there are several remedies to reverse the loss of vision. However, the treatment alternatives possible for improving your eyesight may vary depending upon the conditions behind the origin the vision loss.

Here are some natural and holistic remedies that can be followed to reverse the vision loss:

Set Your Eyes Free

If you wear glasses, have you ever noticed how often your eyes look at something from the perimeter of your lenses? Very often, isn’t it! Specs help your eyes to see excellently as long as you view things from the center of the lenses. With glasses, your eyes develop a habit of seeing things from the center of the glass only, and so the movement of eye muscles get restricted.

Such lack of movement creates tension in the eyes and consequently weakens the power of the eye. So, what can you do to relax your eyes? You can take off your glasses frequently during your daily work. When you take off the glasses, your eye muscles get a chance to move around and rest. There is no need to focus on anything while you remove your glasses, just let them relax for a minute or two.

Eye Work-out

Eye Exercises For Healthy Eyes

Workouts are a natural resolution to keep oneself fit and healthy. Similarly, there exist some specific natural exercises for human eyes that can be done to sustain good vision health.

Reversing your lost/weak vision naturally is not just doing anything physically, it is more about stretching your comfort zone. Performing a session of eye exercise demands only one-two minute. They are simple to complete and are extremely powerful too. Exercises such as palming, rolling the eyes, visualization, and movement techniques are efficient in reshaping the eyeball and improve vision.

The beauty of palming is that if you activate the energy centers of your palms, you can utilize qi (a.k.a life force energy) to heal your eyes.

Eat Healthily

A healthy diet is a remedy for numerous body related issues. Similarly, there exist food items which are desirable for human eyes. These nutritious food items boost the eye health and at the same time protect the eyes from several sight-threatening diseases.

Some of the most effective food includes Kale, Bilberries, Nuts, Black Currants, Leafy green veggies, fishes and much more. These food products render a high quality of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins required for the eyes to be healthy. For instance, Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which are capable of boosting the eye health.

best food for eyes

Some other natural remedies to reverse the vision loss may include:

  • Having an adequate sleep

  • Eating garlic, saffron, and other herbs

  • Consuming more antioxidant foods

  • Taking vitamins daily

  • Massaging of temples

These remedies are natural and do not cost you much. Work on it, and you will see some astonishing changes soon. All the best in keeping your eyes healthy.

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