In this fast-paced lifestyle, it is very common to miss out on getting a sound sleep every night. It is quite challenging to have a balance between proper rest and accomplishing day-to-day activities without any hassle. However, most people are not aware that getting an improper sleep can affect their health especially eye health. It is not just about developing dark circles or bags under your eyes the next morning, but a lack of sleep for a long time may cause your several eye concerns such as dry syndrome, eye strain, eye spasms and so on.

There is no wonder that most of the people around you feel like zombies as they find enough hours to take proper sleep at night. In the recent survey, many people have admitted that they take less than six hours of sleep in the night as they get busy with their work, taking care of their children and the house for paying bills and running errands. Thus, it is clear that the amount of sleep every night has a huge impact on your overall health.

Can Sleep Improve Your Vision?

As per the experts from several medical facilities and institutions, 7 hours of sleep at night is important to stay both physically and mentally refreshed. While your eyes need a minimum of 5 hours of sleep to replenish and be ready for the next morning. This means that sleeping less than 6 hours doesn’t provide you with a chance to thrive.

What Can Be Done To Get Enough Sleep To Maintain Your Eyesight?

  • Restful sleep is vital to have a good vision. Lack of sleep or any disturbance during sleep may affect your health. Thus, here are some tips you should consider to get a sound sleep a night that ultimately gives a positive impact on your eye health.
  • Plan your day early before going to bed so that you don’t lie in bed thinking about a to-do list for the next day.
  • Take a hot bath before going to bed to get relaxation.
  • Don’t use your phone a couple of hours before you go to sleep
  • Try to stay relaxed without reading books or using any screen.
  • Avoid any bright or glowing lights in your room.

Apart from eye-health benefits, getting a sound sleep has many perks on your overall health. It makes you feel better, boosts your mood and improves your memory. Also, getting proper sleep at night spur creativity. Researchers from Boston College and Harvard University have found that sound sleep can strengthen the emotional components of your memory, which may help spur the creative process.

Thus, if you are also one of those individuals who take sleep less than 6 hours, it is recommended to take an hour or two more to maintain your vision while ensuring the overall health.

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