Have you recently diagnosed with the early stage of cataracts? Don’t worry! It’s not like that you won’t be able to read books, drive or see scenic views. As cataracts progress very slowly, you can have certain options to get cataract treatment by opting for any holistic approach such as “Homeopathy.” Early signs of cataracts including cloud vision, light sensitivity, dim vision, fading of colours, frequent changes in eyeglass, double vision in a single eye can easily be cured by getting homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is the best treatment for cataracts as compared to any surgical procedures or making any lifestyle changes. Taking regular homeopathic treatment helps to slow the progression of major symptoms of cataract. At first, the blurriness or cloudiness in your vision due to cataracts can affect the small part of your eye lens. As the cataract symptoms growth, it distorts the light passing through your eye lens. This is where homeopathy comes into existence as the natural and safest mode of cataract treatment.

When the cataract symptoms become visible, opting for homeopathy helps to retard clouding an of the eye lens. The effect of homeopathy is equally beneficial in restoring blurred vision. It avoids painful surgery as well as its side effects including infection, retinal detachment and even bleeding. Homeopathic remedies and treatment for cataracts stop further progression of the disease and the opacity of the lens.

When you approach a homeopathic eye doctor for cataract treatment, he makes a thorough analysis of your condition and cataract symptoms, while considering your medical history. After that, he suggests certain eye tests to identify the root cause and effects of cataract and then provide you with suitable treatment from cataract.

Top recommended homeopathic medicines for cataract are Cineraria Maritima, Calcarea Flourica and Silicea. Calcarea Flourica is a highly effective medicine to eradicate the symptoms of cataract with opaque spots in the cornea. Conium is used to treat cataracts resulting from any eye injury. Cineraria Maritima is prescribed for traumatic cataracts or even corneal opacities. Silicea is used to treat the weak vision due to cataracts. While Natrum Muriaticum is widely used as the best homeopathic medicine for incipient and photophobia.

  • Apart from this, homeopathic eye doctors provide tips for cataract management. Some of them are-
  • Read and write in the area having adequate light.
  • High-quality eyeglasses or contact lens should be used as prescribed by eye doctors.
  • Avoid driving at night as much as possible.
  • Practice eye movement exercises to relax eye muscles and take proper rest.

Now, if you or any of your dear one is diagnosed with the early signs of cataract and looking for the best holistic approach to slow down the progress of cataract, then homeopathy is the option that should be considered. This will help you get rid of your eye condition shortly while avoiding any complications after getting cataract surgery.

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