How Microcurrent Works and Why It is a Good Treatment for Serious Eye Disease

Microcurrent Apollo-01Apollo and Microcurrent Technology

Listen in as we are joined by one of the top engineers in terms of research on this new technology, Tim Smith. Tim was one of the engineers that worked on guiding the Apollo spacecraft to the moon and back. His technical knowledge and his knowledge of electrical engineering is phenomenal.

The Apollo went to the moon and back. That is a fairly proud moment in my history. Later Tim designed a family of chips that was used in the space shuttle, all the modern US aircraft and the military. For about 20 years, they were used in every computer designed and built. That was from about 1975 to 1995. Tim tell us that his chips were used to build the first Apple, the first PC and numerous other things.

About 10 years ago, Tim Smith was introduced to some scientists from Eastern Europe and Russia who had been working on microcurrent devices to accelerate healing and manage pain. Thus began his journey into electrical signals and healing.

How Electrical Signals Heal the Eye

You can use electrical signals to stimulate the body to make natural painkillers almost as strong as morphine, and people could use this and avoid having to take very addictive drugs that have messed up so many people’s lives. You can also use electrical signals to change blood circulation and improve the situation with diabetics and their feet problems.

Tim tells us that that in Russia, more than 10,000 feet a year were saved from amputation using microcurrent technology.

What are Neuropeptides?

Neuropeptides are your body’s natural pharmacy. All of your hormones are neuropeptides. Serotonin is a neuropeptide. Endorphins and enkephalins are neuropeptides. They’re the ones that help control pain. Nitric oxide is a neuropeptide, and that’s a neuropeptide the body makes to increase circulation in an area.

You have A fibers and B fibers that communicate certain things to the body, but the C fibers are the ones that work with the brain to produce the neuropeptides. We needed our signal to be of a size and shape to stimulate the C fibers.

Today’s modern muscle stimulators and TENS devices do not stimulate C fibers. They stimulate A and B. It takes a special signal to stimulate the C fibers, and that’s what we’ve done.

What’s the Best Device for Microcurrent?

Tim tells us that his device is a small handheld piece of electronics that’s about the size of a mouse on a computer. It has metal electrodes built in to the backside of it. You can hold the device in one hand and place the electrodes against your skin with the other.

When you turn it on, it puts pulses through your skin. With every pulse going through the skin, the electrical properties of the tissue change. When that happens, the pulses we generate also change, so we have a continuously changing signal that avoids the body adapting to the signal. It’s one that’s been found to excite the C fibers of the nervous system. Those are the fibers that work with the brain to produce neuropeptides.

The whole theory of operation behind this kind of technology is how do you accelerate the body’s production of these neuropeptides to address what’s wrong?

The pulses we put out are fairly high voltage to start with, plus or minus a couple hundred volts, but they’re very low in current. Over time, the voltage comes down. The signals quit changing when the tissue quits changing. The device measures that and signals the user that they’ve treated that spot long enough.

Avazzia Can Heal Chronic Pain

Tim shares with us, “I mainly treat eye problems. Of course, we always have patients who have arthritis or chronic inflammation of the joint, and they want to know if I can do anything about it.

“I tell them, ‘I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a free treatment with this device, but it may end up costing you a lot of money because you’re probably going to end up buying the machine.’ Sure enough, after five or 10 minutes of treating their chronic pain, they say they need to have the machine. It’s truly remarkable.”

For any of the listeners out there who have some chronic pain, put this machine to the test.”

How Microcurrent Works and Why It is a Good Treatment for Serious Eye Disease
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