The majority of people will accept that they spend a lot of hours of the day looking and staring at their screens, both laptops and smartphones. However, everybody knows the bad effects of using smartphones and working on computer screens for long hours.  But due to desk-bound jobs and being habitual of using smartphones continuously and reading small font size texts, people feel helpless to stop being untouched about their negative consequences on health. Staring at your screens don’t only affect your eyes but it causes you headaches and anxiety disorders.

Staring at your screen increases the digital eye strain, which is also referred to as computer vision syndrome. If you often experience dry, itchy or irritated eyes, neck and back pain, fatigue or blurred vision, you may not have heard about the term but yes! it may be computer vision syndrome. As per the report showed by The Vision Council, around 61%  of Americans have admitted that they experience eye strain after prolonged use of smartphones or working on computer screens.

Do you also use your smartphone till 1-2AM at night?

Yes, staring at your mobile screen till late night affects badly to your eyes.  Most of the people are habitual of reading ebooks and chatting with their dear ones on several social media platforms before they go to sleep.  These habits can affect their sleep patterns and make them feel stressed and restless throughout the next day. Thus, if you also own the same habits, it is the right time to quit them for ensuring a better vision.

Staring at your screen can cause potential harm to your eyes if you don’t work on your habits. Well, the best thing you can do after reducing the time you spend your phone is lowering the screen brightness.

Were your parents right about not watching TV by sitting closer to it?

Whether you have agreed on this or not, but your parents may have poked you about sitting at some distance to the TV. It may harm your eyes and cause you eye strain, stress and HEV light exposure. However, it all depends on many factors including distance, screen size, duration and screen brightness. The problem is when you stare at the TV screen, you blink less frequently that makes your eyelids open wider and cause your symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

What to do if you live a sedentary life?

When you live a sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to develop myopia or nearsightedness, migraines and related conditions. In such a scenario, it is recommended to you to follow certain precautionary steps:

● Use Anti-glare glasses with zero power while sitting in front of a computer

● Take short breaks during work

● Don’t stare at your computer screen, sit at some distance

● Do some eye exercises

● Wash your eyes.

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