Good Vision is one of the key parts of being healthy and perform well at work. But, most people tend to put their eye health last on the priority list as usually most of the eye problems are not noticed easily. Getting regular eye exams or checkups at your eye doctors is the basic care you should do to prevent several eye conditions. Furthermore, you should do special care for your eyes in winters as this season can take its toll on your body and mood. Your eyes are no exception.

You should pay more attention to your eye health as the weather gets colder. Well, there are some simple tips you should consider to protect your eyes from common eye problems that can happen in winters such as dry eyes, irritation, red eyes and itchy eyes. Whether you are heading to work, cozying up by the fire or going out for dinner, you should be aware of your surrounding environment.

Here are some tips to follow to maintain your eye health this winter:

  • Keep Your Eyes Moist: Heat and air circulation from a heater or fire can cause irritation or dryness to your eyes. It can be more annoying for those who are already suffering from dry eyes. Thus, you should try sitting at enough distance to protect your eyes from those head sources and use a humidifier to get rid of dryness.

  • Wear Goggles: Wearing goggles is one of the best tips you should consider to maintain your eye health this winter. It will protect your eyes from dire, ice, slush or any other debris when you are in the outside environment. You can also find a pair of sunglasses with UV protection built-in.

  • Eat Well: Eating a balanced diet and nutrient-rich food is important to maintain your eye health in winters. It is advised to eat antioxidant-rich foods that contain a Vitamin C and A in an adequate amount such as green leafy vegetables and fruits. Also, you should eat fatty fish as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Avoid Using Screens: You may find using your gadgets more tempting when the weather outside is frigid. But using screens for a long time can cause dry eyes that may give you more discomfort in the winter season.

  • Wash Your Hands Often: People avoid washing their hands often in winters but it may increase the chances of getting infections or any illness when you touch your eyes. Thus, it is important to wash your hands properly and use sanitizer to maintain hygiene.

  • Visit Your Eye Doctor: If you are suffering from any issue even if it is mild such as red eyes, itchy eyes or irritation, you should visit your eye doctor to get proper professional care. As the problem seems mild, but can be the sign of any underlying eye condition. Visiting your eye doctor will help you get relief and a healthy vision.

These eye care tips can make your entire day more comfortable and help you enjoy the season to the fullest with your dear ones.

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