Are you struggling with the black spots, blurry images or the motes of dust, that seem like floating across your sight? If so, then you might have symptoms of eye floaters. It is one of the most common eye conditions that distracts people and limits them to see things clearly. Floaters are also known as “muscae volitantes”, that float along with your eye movements. They are quite annoying and happen to many people as they age. People who are diabetic or had surgery for cataract treatment are at a higher risk of developing eye floaters.

Well, eye floaters are not serious eye condition, it can be treated by simple remedies or homeopathic approach. Here’s how to prevent eye floaters with some easy lifestyle changes. Let’s have a look:

  • Nutrients-rich Diet:Proper nutrition is essential to deliver nourishment to your eyes. Lack of nutrition, proteins and vitamins, can cause the building of toxic waste in the body. Taking a wholesome and balanced diet helps nourish your eyes. You can increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts to get prevention from eye floaters.

  • Quit Smoking: Smoking is another reason behind the condition of eye floaters. However, smoking is not only affecting your eyesight but it is hazardous to your overall health. The substances contained in smoke including, free radicals, can trigger the growth of eye floaters. Thus, if you have noticed the problem of eye floaters, then it is a time you should quit smoking.

  • Relaxing the Eyes:Relaxing your eyes especially when you work on the screen for prolonged hours is very important. You can cover your eyes for 10 seconds with your warm hands or do some relaxing exercises. You can do this everyday especially when the floaters appear.

  • Get Proper Sleep: Getting proper sleep is important to maintain your eye health. Experts say that getting 8 hours of sleep every day is beneficial to get your eyes relieved of pressure. This will help in reducing the chances of eye floaters.

  • Reduce or Stop Your Alcohol Intake: Excessive consumption of alcohol can harm your eye health. It can trigger the formation of the vitreous humour in the eyes. If you have noticed some floaters in your eyes and still you are not stopping drinking alcohol, then you are worsening the situation of eye floaters.

  • Avoid Stress: Research has revealed that anxiety and stress can trigger the formation of eye floaters and limit your ability to see properly. To avoid eye floaters, you should reduce your stress levels by finding some ways such as meditation, yoga, dance, herbal treatment and other relaxation techniques.

Along with this, you can also opt for homeopathic treatment to prevent or cure the symptoms of eye floaters. Whether you are struggling with blurry vision, tiny dots of dust floating around your eyes, then homeopathy is the most reliable option for you. This will be completely holistic & safe and will improve your vision.

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