Alternative medicines or treatments may be described as non-standard or unconventional treatments for glaucoma. But there’s no harm in choosing treatments that are effective and doesn’t include consumption of drugs, putting eye drops, and undergoing expensive surgeries.

The standard approaches for treating Glaucoma includes eye drops, laser trabeculoplasty, conventional surgery, or many times, even a mix of these. These remedies can save remaining vision, but they are not capable of improving the vision already lost from glaucoma.

However, there are alternative treatments that can be considered to treat this vision-threatening eye disorder.

Healthy Diet

  • Nutrition, Proteins, and Vitamins, are all essential for the health of our eye.

  • Eating a healthy diet, which is consists of fruits, vegetable, cold water fish, whole grains, and organic grass-fed animal products is the key to a healthy eye.

Good Nutrition

  • Consuming plenty of dark leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges are useful in improving overall eye health.

  • Some essential nutritional food items include:

  • Vitamins C, E, and A (such as beta-carotene)

  • Zinc and Copper

  • Selenium

  • Antioxidant minerals

Physical Exercises

Unquestionably regular exercise and relaxation techniques can be beneficial in lowering eye pressure and also may render a positive impact on one’s overall health.

  • Studies indicate that pursuing a regular training cycle may reduce eye pressure to an apparent level.

  • Daily training may lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma patients.

  • Aerobics, strength training, and sprint-burst type exercises are highly effective in reducing insulin levels.

  • Exercise also helps increase your body’s oxygen levels and blood circulation.


  • Bilberry is an extract of the European Blueberry.

  • Its recommended for strengthening and protecting the capillary walls of the eye.

  • It works as an antioxidant for eyes and may improve night vision and recovery time from glare.

Homeopathic Remedies

The proponents of homeopathic medicines believe that glaucoma can be treated with its medicines much effectively. However, you must discuss it with a notified homeopath before treating glaucoma using homeopathic remedies.


It’s always best to explore options to cure glaucoma naturally or via alternative ways from the conventional ones as they can help you maintain healthy eyes, cure early stage eye disorders and also prevent any vision loss.

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